Psychic MariaGain Insight into your life, relationships, inner motivations and desires.

Do you have questions about your past, present or future?
Are you struggling to understand an individual or relationship?
Do you lack direction or are faced with difficult situations or choices?
Do you feel out of place in the world or feel like you’re searching for meaning or your life’s purpose?

Hi ~ I’m Maria,

Muse, Spiritual Guide, Coach, Mentor and yes… Psychic.

When people find out I’m a psychic they often ask how long I’ve done this or when did I first realize I had this gift.  Truth is I can’t remember not being this way.  From my earliest memories I saw the world differently and from a very young age I had this innate ability to just “know” things. I never saw it as a gift or special ability because it seemed so natural to me, and even today I tell people that everyone is psychic: It’s just a skill that lies latent in most because they never take the time or effort to develop it.

Though I had many psychic experiences as a child and young adult, my very religious upbringing made me fear psychics, Tarot Cards, pendulums and anything I thought was related to the occult.  In fact I was so freaked out that at one point I went through a period of being terrified of demons and dark entities.  I couldn’t even watch the movie Ghostbusters… ha!  It wasn’t until I was well into adulthood that I decided to learn the facts about those scary and taboo things, and one day I timidly set foot into a metaphysical bookstore.

That day changed my life.

I became friends with the owner, and very soon was working there part time, using the slow parts of the week to devour every book on those shelves.  I learned about all sorts of wonderful and mystical things I’d never heard of up to that point, studied metaphysics, astrology, numerology, the occult, Wicca, ancient pagan practices and religion,  ancient texts and teachings predating the Bible, and many other things.  I took every class that was offered and studied one on one with many different teachers and gurus.  More and more I became enchanted with Tarot Cards, and when I got my first deck the pictures came alive as they revealed their stories to me.  Within the first couple days I threw away the book and relied solely on my intuition to interpret their meanings, which became deeper and more complex with each reading I did.

Over time I realized I don’t even need the cards anymore, as information simply comes to me when I connect with clients.  Sometimes I still use them though for visual reference and because the cards lay out a story that, mixed with intuition and higher guidance, give a much deeper and more complete reading.

Today I work with clients all over the world, using my intuition as well as the cards and other divining tools to help present the answers they seek.  I’ve also evolved considerably, from basic Psychic Readings to Spiritual Guidance and Mentoring, and also deep and profound transformation work to help people discover and grow into their life purpose.

Sessions are available via Phone, Facebook and Skype. See the Services page for details.

Thank you so much for stopping by today.  I am happy to have the opportunity to serve.