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Apr 252014

The Fool Tarot Cards

This morning I sat in in quiet contemplation and performed my ritual of drawing one card to meditate on.  Today I drew The Fool, and it’s fitting as this is also the day I decided to start writing again.  I used to write all the time – in fact I was so full of words I couldn’t type them out fast enough.  But for a while that well has been dry, and even as I decided to start writing again I wondered what I would write about and weather any words would come forth at all.

And this is the message of the fool.

It’s a card of starting new things, having a beginner’s mind, stepping forward on a new journey without having a clue where you’re going or what adventure (or disaster) lies ahead.  There is a childlike quality to the fool and innocence along with eagerness, anticipation, and a kind of “I don’t care” attitude. Kids try new things because they don’t know they can’t, and young adults are much more willing to take risks because the “shouldn’ts and “cant’s” of the world haven’t made them timid yet.

When drawing the fool card, we are invited to throw caution to the wind and take a risk, going forward on our gut rather than carefully planning everything out in a logical fashion.  It’s exciting and and terrifying at the same time, and can breathe life into a stale and stuck-in-the-rut existence.

If you study the card, you’ll see that The Fool is also playful and walks with confidence as he begins his journey.  His step is light and he reminds us to have fun with life rather than becoming stodgy.  This is an important lesson for many of us take things – especially business type things – way too seriously.  It’s a call to lighten up, have fun, and return to the adventure of our work instead of the drudgery of the every day grind.  In some cases it calls us to take off in a new direction, allowing ourselves to be vulnerable to risk and uncertainty in search of greater fulfillment and rewards.

I get excited for my clients when I draw this card in a reading, as I see lots of potential and the possibility of great adventure and excitement ahead!

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