Monday Morning Inspiration: Appreciation is one of the secrets of manifesting.  Take time today to simply appreciate life.

This morning I sat on the porch sipping coffee and watching leaves rustle as the birds darted in and out of the trees.  The morning glistened with moisture as it had rained just before, and little rainbows were reflected in the droplets all around me.

As I sat there quietly, I experienced deep appreciation and joy for the beauty around me.  “I love you,” I whispered to the trees.  “Thank you for visiting me this morning,” I told a sparrow as it flitted right past me, not 2 feet from where I sat.  My heart opened wide and I felt myself expand, full of appreciation and oneness with everything around me.

Then my thoughts turned to those I love and again my heart expanded until I felt as it would burst with appreciation, love and gratitude for their presence in my life.  Though there weren’t physically there, I felt them sitting with me on the swing, and in turn I mentally looked deep in their eyes and touched their souls.  The connection I felt at that moment was so profound and complete I can’t describe it.  Pure, electric, alive, and utterly peaceful.

I invite you today to take the time to experience appreciation for yourself.  Start small with what is right in front of you, then allow the feeling to expand until it fills your entire being, the world around you, and the whole universe.  I wish you all the most wonderful things this Monday morning and I appreciate you <3

  1. Thank You for those beautiful words of appreciation. I do appreciate everything I have, it could be a lot worse or better. Today is our 24th wedding anniversary! A lot to be thankful for! Have a great day!

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