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Jun 302014

On Friday I posed this question on Facebook: Think about one thing you want to create in your life and list in the comments.

I got a lot of interesting and thought provoking responses, both in the comments and via private messages, and after meditating on it, I want to share some ways you can start creating some of those things in your own reality.

  1. Categorize – Think, now, later, big, small, myself, with others, etc.  For example you may want to create more peace in your life (that was a big one) and I consider that a really big, lifelong goal.  Big goals are achieved through small steps, so breaking that down to size, you may first create peace in your immediate environment, your family, your work, etc.  By doing this in small ways you’ll begin to feel more peaceful all around which gets you a lot closer to your bigger goal.  Which leads me to point #2.
  2. Take baby steps – Most of us aren’t going to go from where we are today to “life of our dreams” all in one afternoon.  But when you get in the habit of thinking about your goals before you make decisions or take action, you’ll find yourself slowly inching forward every day.
  3. Use code if you have to – When I worked in a really stressful corporate environment without a lot of room for personal space or individuality, I found ways to “plant” small reminders of what I was heading for in my life.  I posted affirmations on my wall that seemed like ‘positive thinking’ to everyone else but were really code for creating specific things.  I had little pictures of what I wanted.  I stuck a little peace sign to the frame of my monitor as well as other symbols of where I was headed.
  4. Celebrate your small successes – Have you ever seen a small child get all excited about accomplishing something small, like building a block tower or jumping off the side of the pool for the first time? It looks silly to us as adults, but I gotta say… our lives are so much better when we do this for ourselves!  Like today, I got a cleaning project done that I’d been putting off and I took a few minutes to sit and really delight in my accomplishment.  Then of course I had to show everyone what I did, which had them looking at me like I was from outer space for being so giddy 🙂  But who cares!!!  It made me happy and I’m now excited about going on to the next step.  Which leads me to the next step….
  5. Take the next step – You won’t get anywhere if you don’t do something.  If you don’t know what the next step is then that something may be acknowledging that you don’t know, and telling the Universe to send some direction your way.  But do something.  Well except give up.  Don’t do that :p  Well unless you’re…..
  6. Take a break – …totally frustrated and need a break.  Sometimes a break is the perfect next step, especially when you feel like your goal is becoming a burden and it’s not fun anymore.  By changing gears totally (for a little while), you can come back later with a fresh perspective and take a giant leap forward.
  7. Appreciate every step forward, no matter how small – This is the final step, and it’s what gets you closer to your goal than anything.  Practicing appreciation is one of the secrets of a happy and fulfilling life, and the more you do it the more things will sway your way.  I spend a few minutes several times a day feeling appreciation for what’s around me.  Before I get out of be I appreciate how comfortable my bed is.  As I sip my coffee I appreciate the wonderful taste and aroma.  As I sit on my swing I appreciate the beauty and tranquility all around me.  And as the day gets hectic I continue appreciating.  I appreciate red lights because I know they help traffic flow better.  I appreciate last minute schedule changes because more often than not they line things up even better later in the day.  I appreciate my clients because they often help me as much as I help them.  I appreciate the multitude of little signs I see every day to remind me I’m creating life my way.  And on and on.  If you do nothing else, practice appreciation and you’ll see your life get exponentially better within days!

Ok that’s it for now.  Feel free to ask questions and share your own methods for creating your reality your way.

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Jun 272014

Definition of PsychicAccording to Wikipedia, a psychic is someone “who claims to have an ability to perceive information hidden from the normal senses through extrasensory perception (ESP), or who is said by others to have such abilities.”

While this is a nice, broad definition, it misses the mark for me because it infers that psychics have some special abilities the rest of us don’t. And that’s not true. There is nothing supernatural about it and it isn’t limited to “a few special people.” Everyone connects psychically all the time weather they’re aware of it or not.

So how do I define the word psychic?

To me psychic simply means communicating through non-physical channels.

It is an ordinary sense that we use every day, just as we use our 5 physical senses. Some examples of using our psychic sense include, knowing who’s calling before you look at the phone, turning left instead of right then finding out later you avoided a crash, dreaming about someone and hearing from them the next day, knowing how someone will respond before they speak, having gut feelings (weather positive or negative), knowing things without knowing how you know them, and so on.

Make sense?

I do need to make one distinction however. Psychic ability needs to be distinguished from someone who works as a psychic. We all have psychic ability and I’ve explained that above. A person who works as a psychic has honed his or her ability to tune in and interpret those non-physical messages better than the average person. This person acts as a conduit for information, and can help you by making sense out of information that you’re missing or that may seem garbled or confusing when you try and interpret it yourself.

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Jun 232014

Peace from Psychic MariaIt seems like a million years ago that I was introduced to A Course in Miracles. That book got me through some really tough times, and though I haven’t actively studied it in years, a few lessons stuck with me and I continue to use them in my daily life.

One of those lessons is this:

I could see peace instead of this.

I apply this nugget of wisdom whenever I’m stressed out or life seems hectic and drama-filled. It is a gentle reminder that there is always a different way of looking at things, and that my own peace of mind is paramount to my health and well being.

I’ve used this so much that it becomes automatic, and today my mind instantly kicks into “peace mode” when faced with stress of any kind.

Life’s too short to get all wound up about stuff. My own peace is too important to let it be stolen by the idiocy of others. This doesn’t mean I’m a push over…. not by any means. It does mean I rarely act impulsively, and because of that I can take time to calculate my responses and determine which actions are most likely to get me what I want.

Try it the next time you’re super stressed and about to snap.

Close your eyes, take a deep breath and say “I could see peace instead of this.” You don’t have to actively try to see peace, or anything different at all. Just remind myself that you “could” see things differently, and in time you’ll notice that you approach the world in a much calmer and more in-control way, and that life smooths out and takes the road toward your desires.

Want to know more about A Course in Miracles?

Check out their website:

Here’s the link to this specific lesson:

If you want to get the course you can order through their site or on Amazon.

Have a peaceful day.

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Jun 172014

I’m asking because I meet so many people who are miserable in their work.  Could be a job, their own business, volunteer work, or even the obligations of daily life but the story is the same.

  • It’s killing me!
  • It’s so stressful I feel like the world is literally crushing me!
  • Life is such a grind, but what else is there?
  • Yeah it sucks but that’s life.  I just need to deal with it.
  • Why should I have dreams?  They never work out anyway so why set myself up for disappointment?

Why do we do this to ourselves?  Most of us spend a third or more of our life working, and yet we settle for things we don’t want to do because we “need the money.”  Or because we have obligations to family, friends, or whatever.  Obligations to everyone EXCEPT ourselves.  Hmm…. seems like we have some of our priorities backward.

There is a picture floating around the internet depicting this wonderful Dalai Lama quote.

Dalai Lama on Man

Think about how profound this is.  I mean really… we do this!  Every day in small, countless ways we trade our spark of life, our love, happiness and human spirit for the superficial things we think we need to get by in the world.  Take the time to consider how your life might be different if you cast off those obligations and took a chance to really LIVE and BE who you want to be.  Meditate on it, ponder and dream, and ask yourself if maybe, just maybe, it’s time to make some changes in your own life.

And then ask yourself why your stomach just knotted up and why it’s so damn scary to even think about much less do.  Because it IS scary!

I know it’s scary because I still get panic attacks sometimes when I try to face major issues and roadblocks.  And that’s what it’s really all about:

We all have traumas, issues, baggage and road blocks holding us back.

All of us.  It may be about different things but they’re there and they can be paralyzing.  And it’s those issues that keep us in work we don’t like, situations that drag us down, and around people who are not our friends.

Read the quote above again then think about if you want to die having never really lived….

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Jun 162014


When I draw the 8 of swords, the first thing that comes to my mind is restriction. When you see this in a spread, you can be sure that something is holding you back, and it’s often you.

Swords are the suit of logic, mental activity, action, taking charge, and getting things done. They are also double edged, meaning you need to pay attention and see all sides of things or you could get harmed. Eight is the number of management, organization and seeing the bigger picture, especially in a business sense. The card depicts a woman, which represents emotion, intuition, and feeling or sensing rather than thinking.

She is blindfolded and bound, and the swords surround her. This tells us that she is not willing (or able) to see the bigger picture about her current situation nor is she open to any possibilities other than the status quo. It can also mean she’s avoiding reality or truth or is holding herself back in some way. Additionally, she is trying to get by on logic and mental activity and is denying the emotional and spiritual side of herself and the situation. In other words, she’s all head and no heart.

If you look closely, you’ll see that she isn’t a prisoner, but is willingly bound. She may have put herself there or may have allowed others to do so, but she feels ok where she is and doesn’t want to get out of it.

Now this doesn’t mean she’s happy. She may be miserable and say she wants out. But underlying that, she has a vested interest in staying where she is because she feels safe and protected from a perceived greater danger. To use a cliché, “better the devil you know than the devil you don’t.”

On the reverse, we see a woman breaking free of her bindings. The blindfold is gone, her eyes are wide open, and she’s determined to move forward! This represents someone who has found the courage to face what’s holding her back and is working to overcome it. It can indicate a huge leap forward on a sub-conscious level as well as massive action in the physical world to make the changes she needs to make.

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Jun 102014

How to meditate when you can'tI was talking with someone recently about meditation and he indicated that he simply can’t slow down or sit still long enough to get into it. Got me to thinking….. what really is meditation and how can you do it if you’re not a meditator?

First let’s define meditation:

I define meditation as disengaging your mind from the outside world so you can tune in to your inner and non-physical selves.

It doesn’t have to be fancy, follow certain steps or protocols, or be all “spiritual.” In fact the only requirement is that you disengage from the outside world, and you can do that in whatever way that works for you.

So if you can’t sit still you don’t have to. If sitting in the lotus position does nothing but make you stiff and sore then don’t do it. If chanting mantras seems silly and distracting then they’re out. If you hate “meditation” music then don’t listen to it. And if incense makes your nose twitch and your eyes water then by all means don’t light it.

As I said before, all you really have to do in order to meditate is disengage from the outside world for a few minutes. You don’t need an agenda or guide and you don’t need any special process. Whatever works for you is fine.

To help get you started, here are some ideas on how to meditate:

  • Zone into your favorite music. Any kind of music works as long as you can totally lose yourself in it. For me this is sometimes soft music that you’d typically associate with meditation and sometimes it’s classical music. But depending on my mood, I may prefer rock, pop, country, or even heavy or death metal. The key is to find what really calls you in the moment and allow yourself to get totally lost in it.
  • Movement, dance, exercise and all that stuff. Have you ever heard of a walking meditation? That’s when you walk slowly and purposely in a labyrinth, garden or defined pattern, clearing your mind and focusing on the movement. While this works for some, it doesn’t for others. So let me tell you this. ANY movement can turn into a meditation. A walk down the street, run in the country, dance, exercise or whatever. A great way to do this is to turn the ipod off during your next walk or trip to the gym and focus fully on what you’re doing, allowing yourself to fall completely into the movement.
  • Physical work. Like movement, physical work can become a meditation. It works best when what you’re doing is somewhat repetitive and rhythmic, and your mind doesn’t have to be engaged. Things like washing dishes by hand, cleaning windows, dusting, weeding, mowing the lawn and such are all great times to meditate. If you have a boring, repetitive job you can use some of that time to go on auto pilot and allow your brain to shut down and go into meditation mode.
  • Gazing and zoning out. People do this in front of the TV all the time, but it’s not the best medium as whatever’s on the screen gets drilled into your subconscious. Instead try gazing at something hypnotic and mesmerizing, like a candle or fire, abstract graphic from Media player, flowing water in a fountain or creek, or even one of those 1970’s style lava lamps. Again get lost in the motion and allow it to carry you away to another place.
  • Car riding. Not driving, but riding as a passenger 🙂 Turn the radio off, close your eyes and focus on the motion of the car and sounds of the road. Or alternatively gaze out the window at the passing power lines or paint on the pavement. Soon you’ll be in a perfect meditative state.

Are you getting some idea of the many different ways of meditating?

You don’t have to do it for extended periods of time. Even a few minutes of meditating has wonderful benefits.

Speaking of benefits, here are some:

Stress relief • Gaining focus & clarity • Problem solving • Cutting out drama
Coming up with new ideas • Programming your body and mind • And more

Try some of these ideas today and soon you’ll find that you’re an expert meditator. And if you need extra help then contact me and together we’ll work out a personalized meditation routine that works for you.

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Jun 052014

You are psychic!Often people ask me if I think they have psychic abilities. Intuitively I can easily discern that but it’s not really necessary. The answer is simple.

YES, You have psychic abilities!

We all do.  It’s just that not everyone’s are developed to the same extent, and some people don’t even realize they’re there at all.

Reminds me of when I took my first art class. My artistic abilities were limited to stick figures, and even those were questionable. So when my friend tried to convince me to take art classes I laughed! I insisted that I had no artistic ability at all, and she insisted I didn’t know until I tried. She won and pretty soon I discovered that I could draw not only stick people but entire stick families, and I could give them character too! Though I never became pro, over time my abilities did improve and I’m pretty proud of some of my work.

The point is that we all have at least rudimentary abilities and with instruction and practice we can get better.

So yes, you are psychic. You may just not know it yet 🙂

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Jun 012014

Death cards from different tarot decks

Today I decided to address the DEATH CARD, because for many it’s the scariest card in the entire Tarot deck.

I can’t tell you how many times people have asked me not to use the cards during a reading, specifically because they’re afraid the death card will turn up. So I thought I’d take some time to dispel some of the rumors and falsehoods around the death card and shed some light on how I use it in a reading.

First – and this is important! For me the death card has NEVER foretold someone’s demise. It has indicated a death or loss in the past, and for that it can be quite accurate, but it’s never come up to indicate someone WILL die. As an example, I was reading a man and the death card came up as part of the spread. Based on my intuition and the placement of the other cards, I interpreted that to mean he had recently suffered a loss, probably of someone close to him. Sure enough, his wife had died just a couple months prior. The reading turned out to be full of messages from her, and the death card was her way of saying “hello.”

So don’t worry…. you’re not going to die tomorrow 🙂

Tarot-Death-Card-Maria-The-PsychicNow that we’ve cleared that up, what does the Death card mean? In the deck I use most often, the Revelations Tarot, the Goddess Kali dances on the card, symbolizing endings and change through time. It represents the cyclical nature of life and phases of life, so I often interpret it to mean you’re about to end a chapter or scene in your life’s story. Depending on the tone of the reading, this can feel very heavy (as in loss or change you don’t want) or very freeing (as in getting out of a bad situation or letting things go that no longer serve you). I always tell people to embrace the dance of death and greet the change coming their way with eager expectation of the new.

In many other decks, this card depicts a grim reaper sort of figure, which indicates to me a purging or emptying of the soul to allow new to come in. New things are often scary, sometimes terrifying if they are way outside your comfort zone, but rather than trying to incite fear and foreboding, the grim reaper acts as a guide to get you safely through the changes ahead. Again this card and the change it brings is to be welcomed as it indicates not only an end but the beginning of what is next.

In my deck, the reverse of the card (the card viewed upside down) is the figure of a sleeping baby resting on a row of teeth. This is most exciting as it indicates that new beginnings are right around the corner. The teeth represent the spoken word, and as creators we literally speak our worlds into existence. This is a call to allow a new phase of life to incubate and grow, then for you to speak your truth out to the world so it can manifest. Very exciting and empowering times lie ahead!

Going a bit further, the Death card is the 13th card of the Major Arcana. When we look at the numerology of 13, we see that 1 and 3 combine to make 4. 1 is a number of new beginnings, leadership and taking charge as well as putting yourself first. 3 is about creative expression, sexual and physical energy and expressing your true self to the world. When combined into a 4, we have the number of patterns and work. Thus 13 talk about standing up for yourself and what you want, taking charge of your life, and using your inner power and creativity to bring forth that which you want. Doing so takes inner work, as everything we create begins inside us. The work can be difficult, as gaining awareness and achieving inner growth often is, but the reward, a new beginning of the next chapter in your life, is well worth the effort.

Just an aside on 13 – I know it’s considered unlucky by many people but that’s a belief based in folklore and superstition. Just Google “why is 13 unlucky” and you’ll quickly see that it’s really quite a silly notion.

So summing up, the Death card isn’t really about you dying at all, but more a card of change and transformation. Yes it signifies endings and yes, they can be scary and carry a sense of loss, but overall this card also brings new hope for better things to come.

I hope this cleared up some of the questions you may have about this card and has calmed some of your fears that it may come up in a Tarot reading. Feel free to ask questions in the comments section, or drop me a line via the contact form at the right.

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