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Jun 052014

You are psychic!Often people ask me if I think they have psychic abilities. Intuitively I can easily discern that but it’s not really necessary. The answer is simple.

YES, You have psychic abilities!

We all do.  It’s just that not everyone’s are developed to the same extent, and some people don’t even realize they’re there at all.

Reminds me of when I took my first art class. My artistic abilities were limited to stick figures, and even those were questionable. So when my friend tried to convince me to take art classes I laughed! I insisted that I had no artistic ability at all, and she insisted I didn’t know until I tried. She won and pretty soon I discovered that I could draw not only stick people but entire stick families, and I could give them character too! Though I never became pro, over time my abilities did improve and I’m pretty proud of some of my work.

The point is that we all have at least rudimentary abilities and with instruction and practice we can get better.

So yes, you are psychic. You may just not know it yet 🙂

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