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Jun 172014

I’m asking because I meet so many people who are miserable in their work.  Could be a job, their own business, volunteer work, or even the obligations of daily life but the story is the same.

  • It’s killing me!
  • It’s so stressful I feel like the world is literally crushing me!
  • Life is such a grind, but what else is there?
  • Yeah it sucks but that’s life.  I just need to deal with it.
  • Why should I have dreams?  They never work out anyway so why set myself up for disappointment?

Why do we do this to ourselves?  Most of us spend a third or more of our life working, and yet we settle for things we don’t want to do because we “need the money.”  Or because we have obligations to family, friends, or whatever.  Obligations to everyone EXCEPT ourselves.  Hmm…. seems like we have some of our priorities backward.

There is a picture floating around the internet depicting this wonderful Dalai Lama quote.

Dalai Lama on Man

Think about how profound this is.  I mean really… we do this!  Every day in small, countless ways we trade our spark of life, our love, happiness and human spirit for the superficial things we think we need to get by in the world.  Take the time to consider how your life might be different if you cast off those obligations and took a chance to really LIVE and BE who you want to be.  Meditate on it, ponder and dream, and ask yourself if maybe, just maybe, it’s time to make some changes in your own life.

And then ask yourself why your stomach just knotted up and why it’s so damn scary to even think about much less do.  Because it IS scary!

I know it’s scary because I still get panic attacks sometimes when I try to face major issues and roadblocks.  And that’s what it’s really all about:

We all have traumas, issues, baggage and road blocks holding us back.

All of us.  It may be about different things but they’re there and they can be paralyzing.  And it’s those issues that keep us in work we don’t like, situations that drag us down, and around people who are not our friends.

Read the quote above again then think about if you want to die having never really lived….

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  1. WOW!! A powerful message…..

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