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Jun 302014

On Friday I posed this question on Facebook: Think about one thing you want to create in your life and list in the comments.

I got a lot of interesting and thought provoking responses, both in the comments and via private messages, and after meditating on it, I want to share some ways you can start creating some of those things in your own reality.

  1. Categorize – Think, now, later, big, small, myself, with others, etc.  For example you may want to create more peace in your life (that was a big one) and I consider that a really big, lifelong goal.  Big goals are achieved through small steps, so breaking that down to size, you may first create peace in your immediate environment, your family, your work, etc.  By doing this in small ways you’ll begin to feel more peaceful all around which gets you a lot closer to your bigger goal.  Which leads me to point #2.
  2. Take baby steps – Most of us aren’t going to go from where we are today to “life of our dreams” all in one afternoon.  But when you get in the habit of thinking about your goals before you make decisions or take action, you’ll find yourself slowly inching forward every day.
  3. Use code if you have to – When I worked in a really stressful corporate environment without a lot of room for personal space or individuality, I found ways to “plant” small reminders of what I was heading for in my life.  I posted affirmations on my wall that seemed like ‘positive thinking’ to everyone else but were really code for creating specific things.  I had little pictures of what I wanted.  I stuck a little peace sign to the frame of my monitor as well as other symbols of where I was headed.
  4. Celebrate your small successes – Have you ever seen a small child get all excited about accomplishing something small, like building a block tower or jumping off the side of the pool for the first time? It looks silly to us as adults, but I gotta say… our lives are so much better when we do this for ourselves!  Like today, I got a cleaning project done that I’d been putting off and I took a few minutes to sit and really delight in my accomplishment.  Then of course I had to show everyone what I did, which had them looking at me like I was from outer space for being so giddy 🙂  But who cares!!!  It made me happy and I’m now excited about going on to the next step.  Which leads me to the next step….
  5. Take the next step – You won’t get anywhere if you don’t do something.  If you don’t know what the next step is then that something may be acknowledging that you don’t know, and telling the Universe to send some direction your way.  But do something.  Well except give up.  Don’t do that :p  Well unless you’re…..
  6. Take a break – …totally frustrated and need a break.  Sometimes a break is the perfect next step, especially when you feel like your goal is becoming a burden and it’s not fun anymore.  By changing gears totally (for a little while), you can come back later with a fresh perspective and take a giant leap forward.
  7. Appreciate every step forward, no matter how small – This is the final step, and it’s what gets you closer to your goal than anything.  Practicing appreciation is one of the secrets of a happy and fulfilling life, and the more you do it the more things will sway your way.  I spend a few minutes several times a day feeling appreciation for what’s around me.  Before I get out of be I appreciate how comfortable my bed is.  As I sip my coffee I appreciate the wonderful taste and aroma.  As I sit on my swing I appreciate the beauty and tranquility all around me.  And as the day gets hectic I continue appreciating.  I appreciate red lights because I know they help traffic flow better.  I appreciate last minute schedule changes because more often than not they line things up even better later in the day.  I appreciate my clients because they often help me as much as I help them.  I appreciate the multitude of little signs I see every day to remind me I’m creating life my way.  And on and on.  If you do nothing else, practice appreciation and you’ll see your life get exponentially better within days!

Ok that’s it for now.  Feel free to ask questions and share your own methods for creating your reality your way.

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