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Jul 302014

Rules to live by - Love yourself first

If I were writing my own commandments or a code to live by, the first one would be:

Love and honor yourself above all.

Not someone else. Not God or another deity. Not the sun or the moon, the Greek, Roman or Pagan Gods, Yahweh, Elohim, Krishna, Ganesha, Buddha, Allah, Muhammad, or any other divine entity.

Yourself. You and only you. Period.

Love and honor yourself in your strength, your weakness, your divine perfection and your human imperfection. Honor your best decisions and your worst, your failures and your successes.

Love your physical beauty and ugliness too – your wrinkles and scars, your funny shaped toes and your dimples and fat rolls – your warts and moles – your beautiful nose and hair – your aches and pains and everything else.

Love your patience and kindness as well as your short temper and wicked thoughts. Honor all your thoughts, whether kind and loving or evil, conniving and mean.

Love your range of emotions, from ecstatic to miserable and everything in between.

Love your courage and also your fears, hang-ups and anxiety.

Love your physical body, sexuality, senses, sense of movement and fluidity, base energy and vitality as well as your physical limitations and irritations about those limitations.

Love your health and your illnesses, even those that might kill you. Because after all part of living is dying.

Honor your personal opinions and code of ethics, and be proud of what they are no matter what anyone else thinks. Honor your decisions on how to live, the work you do, the things you love, and your definition of relationship, family, value, work, fulfillment and happiness.

Honor your choice of mate, partner, family, friends and those who you allow into your circles. Nurture those relationships and know that only you can determine who is “right for you.”

Your life is uniquely yours. To live by any set of rules or code that is not your own is cheating yourself and limiting yourself to far less than you could be. It also severely limits the world as no one but you can be you in the world, and no one but you can bring your uniqueness and beauty to life here on this plane.

So love and honor yourself first. Be who you are with every cell of your being, every breath you take and every ounce of energy you have! This is your highest calling and your most precious gift to yourself, the world and life. This is true divinity and creative life force in action.

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Jul 252014

Tarot - Seven of Pentacles

Ah the seven of pentacles – a card of stubbornness, spiritual disconnection and sometimes even self-righteous, fist shaking, pulpit evangelism. Doesn’t sound like fun huh?

This card tells me a story of someone who is stubborn, closed off and not open to new ideas. In numerology 7 is the number of the spiritual side of things, so I often take this as not being open to guidance. Furthermore, pentacles are about money, practical living and the material world so it also indicates someone who is so set in their viewpoint that they can’t see things any other way, sometimes to their detriment.

Tarot Seven of Pentacles from two different decksIn the Revelations Tarot Deck, the 7 of Pentacles is depicted as someone who has his hands crossed, sitting back with a pompous, I’m better than everyone, expression. In Rider Waite we see a man leaning on his hoe, looking at a garden where pentacles (material wealth) are growing nicely. If you look closely you can see he’s not smiling, but looking rather despondent or even bored. To me this represents someone who doesn’t appreciate the results of his hard work, or possibly someone who doesn’t want to work hard to get results like those in front of him.

Flip the card upside down, and we see a man who’s shaking his fist and appears to be yelling. Picture someone on a soap box – loud, obnoxious, and hell bent on telling you (and everyone) how it is! In a spread it can be a warning to stay away from someone acting like this, but it can also be telling you to get off your high horse. However, I’ve also seen it mean that you need to stand your ground and make yourself heard, so it really depends on the other cards. Rider Waite doesn’t have a different picture on the reverse like Revelations does so when you flip that card over you see the same man, standing on his head as he looks at a garden. The feeling here is that things are difficult and you’re dragging yourself inch by inch to try and get through. Your goals may feel just out of your reach and the message here is to not fall into a depression or feeling of hopelessness, but to get out of your own head and allow answers to materialize. As you relax and get back in the flow (get yourself right side up again) things will begin to clear up and the hassles will come to an end.

What do you see in the Seven of Pentacles? Let the card speak to you and feel free to add your own insights in the comments below.

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Jul 162014

When I first learned to read Tarot cards many years ago, I, like so many others, tried to use the little book that came with the deck. I’d deal out the cards and look up the meanings of each individual cards, trying to make sense of it all. Honestly though I didn’t get it, and thinking the problem was me I got a bigger, more comprehensive book so I could look up longer, more complex descriptions. Not surprisingly, I still didn’t get it and my readings were flat and didn’t make sense to me or anyone else.

Then my friend and Tarot Mentor, Jen, taught me to read “her way.” She taught me that the cards tell a story and my job as a reader is to learn how to read that story and interpret it for the client. She made it look so easy – and still I struggled with it. Despite an intellectual understanding of what I thought I was supposed to be, the reality was I was trying to take the book descriptions and superimpose them on the spread to force a story to appear.

It didn’t work.

And I became so frustrated I almost gave up. Ok I did give up and stuck the cards in the back of my drawer for a while 🙂

Then one day I came across a book, which I think is one of the absolute BEST tarot books out there. Not because it tells you what the cards mean, but because it teaches you how to see the story.

That’s what was missing! I wasn’t seeing the story. If you’ve tried to read cards but are struggling with it then I bet you have a similar problem. You’re not seeing, feeling, channeling the story.

2 Hour Tarot Tutor by Wilma CarrollOnce I read the book and did what it said (and it only took a couple hours at most), the cards came alive! Now I GOT IT! The cards became alive and almost three dimensional, and they told their stories so clearly and easily I could hardly believe I hadn’t seen them before. Needless to say I threw all the other books away 🙂

Want this amazing book? It’s called Two Hour Tarot Tutor by Wilma Carroll (thank you Wilma!) and you can get it by clicking on the picture or at this link.

And if you need more help, I am a Tarot teacher and mentor myself and will be happy to help make the stories come alive for you as they did for me. But here’s a hint. Your first homework assignment will be to purchase and read that book 🙂

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Jul 152014

Worrying cannot change the future but it sure wreaks havoc on the present.We all know worrying doesn’t help us, and here are 13 reasons why:

  1. It probably won’t happen anyway – Did you know that 95% or more of the things we worry about never happen? Or if they do they’re often way less terrible than we imagined. Yet we spend countless hours of mental and emotional energy on things that likely aren’t even going to happen.
  2. It takes time away from thinking about other things and planning for things that would benefit us – When you worry you give mental and emotional energy to worst case scenarios. This often effectively puts your life on hold so you can’t keep working toward other goals. As a teenager I remember blowing my exams because I was worried to the point of being sick over something that had nothing to do with school. Because of this I had to work harder the next semester to catch up. All because I was preoccupied with something that never even happened.
  3. It doesn’t change what the person you’re worrying about is doing – If you’re worried about a person, know that all your angst won’t change one iota of their attitude or behavior. Quite the opposite actually. If you worry and consequently keep nagging them about it, they’ll probably do what you don’t want them to do even more.
  4. It doesn’t change the situation or event either – If you are worried about an upcoming event or specific situation, know that worrying won’t change it. Yes there may be some trepidation and that may be normal, but obsessing about it will only make it that much harder for you to deal with it when the time comes. And if you go in all knotted up because of worrying you probably won’t handle it as well as you could, which might make the outcome less positive than you’d like.
  5. It saps your happiness and robs you of peace & contentment (and may even ruin things for those around you) – Take a normally happy person and add worry and what do you create? Misery for everyone! When you worry you let a person or situation steal your happiness. Do you really want an outside force to have that power over you?
  6. It keeps you stuck in a loop so you can’t step back and approach things in a practical, logical way – When you worry your brain runs around in circles, thinking only of the worst possible outcomes. It can’t think outside that loop and it can’t come up with any kind of answers. If you’re dealing with a problem then you need answers, not an endless cycle of “what if.” Worrying blocks your exit from that cycle so you can’t get past the thing that’s causing the trouble.
  7. It blocks your mind of seeing possible solutions and ways to deal with what you’re worrying about – Because you’re stuck in that loop, you can’t see any solutions or endings other than the ones in the loop. And because you’re worrying, those are most likely to be very negative or worst case outcomes. Like I said in #6, worrying blocks your exit from that cycle and because of that your creative mind can’t function or be open to any possible solutions except the worst ones.
  8. It doesn’t create action toward resolving things – Worrying can be absolutely paralyzing! At the height of worrying about something, I’ve found myself so fixated on my problem that can’t get anything done. This does nothing to help my situation and everything to keep me stuck exactly where I am.
  9. It keeps you up at night when you could be productively dreaming solutions instead – Yes you can dream solutions to your problems, as I outlined in a previous post. Also losing sleep makes you grumpy and unable to think clearly the next day, and if you do it a lot you can find yourself in a chronic state of zombie-like, worrying paranoia.
  10. It gets you all freaked out about lots of possible scenarios that probably won’t even happen – Like I said above, 95% of what we worry about never materializes, so why freak out about a non-issue? Yet that’s exactly what worrying can cause.
  11. It makes you grumpy and when you’re grumpy no one wants to be around you – Self explanatory 🙂
  12. It can cause stress, paranoia, anxiety, panic attacks and a whole lot of really uncomfortable psychical symptoms – In addition to the general, freak out state that worrying can cause, it also creates psychical symptoms that can be quite uncomfortable. If you already have psychical issues the stress of worrying can even lead to major problems, and I’ve known people who have had heart attacks and other major health problems brought on by the stress that accompanies worrying.
  13. It does nothing to change the future and everything to ruin the present moment – As I’ve already detailed, the act of worrying doesn’t change anything. If anything it makes things worse because it keeps you paralyzed and unable to take action toward your desired outcome. Plus it ruins today because your mind is too full of worry to enjoy the present moment.
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Jul 102014

Psychic-Maria-Says-Dream-Your-Problems-AwayDid you know that dreaming can be used for problem solving?

It’s true.

I’ve been doing it for years and it’s one of the most powerful tools I use to manifest.  It’s awesome and it works,not only on solving problems but on a number of other things too like:

  • Gaining clarity and insight
  • Settling disputes and arguments
  • Working on projects
  • Finding lost things
  • Getting cooperation from those around you
  • Working on health issues
  • And much more….

It works even if you never remember your dreams or if you think you don’t dream at all (btw everyone dreams even if they don’t remember).

So here’s how you do it:

Step 1: When you lay down to sleep, tell yourself to fix a specific issue or problem.

Step 2: Forget it and go to sleep.

Step 3: There is no step 3… that was it 🙂

When you wake up, or sometime throughout the next few days answers will begin to present themselves. You may experience some or all of the following:

  • Thoughts and ideas pop in your head
  • You hear or see something that provides insight, direction or a solution
  • The situation may resolve itself (lost item turns up, person you’re arguing with makes peace, someone offers something out of the blue that is exactly what you need, etc.)
  • You run into someone who can help
  • Information that you need crosses your path
  • You have an Ah-Ha moment and see possibilities you didn’t see before
  • You feel better and at peace about the situation

You don’t even have to actively look for answers. Just relax into knowing that it’s taken care of and watch things unfold. If nothing appears in a day or two, then just try again next time you go to sleep.

Like any new skill, it may take a few tries to get it to “take.” But if you keep at it, soon you’ll find that problems are solved, arguments are settled, and puzzles are unraveled effortlessly, and when people ask you how you did it you can smile and say “Simple, I just slept on it.”

A few more tips:

  • The first few times do it with something minor that’s not a matter of life and death. If it’s a really huge issue your own emotions can get in the way of your higher self being able to manifest a solution in the physical world.
  • Keep it very simple. Your higher self doesn’t need details or stories. Just say, “Ok higher self… Work this out,” then spell it out in as few words as possible. I try to keep it under 10 words total (sometimes I spend a little time rewording things to make it very succinct and clear).
  • Don’t tell yourself how to do it. For example, if you’re arguing with someone don’t direct your higher self to tell their higher self to tell them you need an apology. Instead tell yourself to get with the other person and work it out. Look at the bigger picture. What do you want? To be right or to be on good terms again? Then let go of your need for it to happen a certain way and let it work out on its own.
  • Stop thinking about it. You can’t tell yourself to work out a problem then consciously keep trying to work it out yourself or you’re going to put a kink in the works. It’s much better to put the order then let go of it all together. Yes I know this is hard to do sometimes but trust me it’s the fastest way to get things working behind the scenes.
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Jul 082014

Psychic Maria talks about Mindfulness

Mindfulness is, according Google, “a mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations, used as a therapeutic technique.”

Now that kind of makes sense but I gotta tell you – the first time I heard the term “mindfulness,” I thought “what the heck am I supposed to do with this?!?!” I had visions of monks walking prayerfully and slowly around Zen gardens, with intense attention given to every little breath and movement. Not exactly something I could apply easily to everyday life, huh?

I mean in the middle of real life who has time to be mindful? Who has time to focus on just one thing when there are 1000 things to be done? And who can calmly acknowledge and accept their emotions and thoughts when they’re facing major drama or trying to navigate a treacherous sea of wild emotion?

Not me 🙂

So in a practical sense, what is mindfulness and how does it apply to real life?

I define mindfulness as simply being as present and aware in this moment as I can.

It means that when I’m doing something I try and pay attention to the bigger picture, how it impacts not only me but the world around me, and how I can add love and beauty through my thoughts, words and actions.

It means staying in the moment and experiencing creation unfolding around me. I can’t do this all the time (who can?) but when I do it’s a profound and moving experience.

It means when I lament the past or worry about the future, that at some point I can come back to the present and remind myself that in this moment I’m ok.

It means that when I’m doing a task I have the ability to shut the rest of the world out, focusing wholly and completely on that one thing. Not always but sometimes, and when I succeed it feels like a deep and intense meditation.

It means that when I’m in the middle of drama or a tense situation I can mentally take a step back and become the observer, detaching for a moment from the chaos around me. Again not always but when I’m successful I stay calm through the chaos and often help to dissipate tension and resolve the situation.

And it means when working toward a goal I can focus on the end result I want instead of getting lost in the details. Oh I still sometimes get lost and even derailed for a bit, but by remembering to be mindful I can get myself back on track and headed in the right direction.

Are you getting idea of what mindfulness is and how you can use it in the real world? Contemplate it mindfully and add your thoughts and comments below 🙂

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Jul 072014

Numerology from Psychic Maria - 777Today is a really cool day in Numerology!

Numerology, if you don’t know, is all about the significance of numbers and their influences in our lives.  We calculate the numbers by adding up each number of a sequence, then reducing to a single digit.  So for today we have:

7 + 7 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 4 = 21 and 2 + 1 = 3

So today is a “3” day and 3 is about fertility, creative expression, and bringing something new to life.  It can apply to art, music, ideas, sexual and physical energy, and virtually everything else you can think of.  And today it especially applies to creating spiritually.

Why?  because in addition to the creative 3, today is full of the number 7.  We’re in the 7th day of the 7th month and if you add up the digits for this year you also get 7.  So it’s the 7th day of the 7th month of a “7” year.  Triple 7s (or any number) are very powerful because 3 is creation so when you triple a number you call forth it’s creative force.  And since we’re on a 3 day in addition to this, it’s extra powerful!

Don’t worry if you’re not a math person.  I know all these numbers can be daunting!  So let’s get right to the point:  What does this mean for YOU?

It means today is a day to turn inward, think about your divine, spiritual self and focus on bringing more of that forth into your physical world.

You may want to start the day meditating for a few minutes to connect with your higher self – the essence and beauty of who you really are.  You may choose to spend the day being extra mindful, contemplating more, turning inward and engaging less in the world around you, setting intentions, renewing affirmations that have gone stale, or performing private rituals that are sacred to you.

The important thing is that you connect as deeply as you can with your spiritual self, and use today to plant seeds and launch rockets of creative life force into the world around you.

Some ideas for celebrating today….

  • Set the timer for 5-10 minutes (depending on your schedule and how long you can sit still) and get really quiet.  Concentrate on your breathing, counting slowly as you inhale then exhale.  It doesn’t matter what the count is, but that your breathing is calm, rhythmic and relaxing.  As you fall into a deeper, relaxed state, leave the counting and simply focus on connecting with your divine self.  No agenda or thoughts here… just BE with YOU.
  • As you go about routine tasks (getting coffee, brushing your teeth, getting dressed, etc.) focus your mind on what you are doing.  Really pay attention to your mind and body as you allow the task itself to consume you for a few moments.  Again use this experience to connect with your divine self, allowing it to shine through in the simplicity of day to day life.
  • In traffic send silent blessings to everyone around you.  Turn the radio off and drive with purpose, trying to see the world through your spiritual side.  Imagine that those who are rude and cut you off are light beings who haven’t read this article and are disconnected from themselves at this moment.  Imagine that delays are really detours to help align you with your higher purpose.  Be curious about the route you take and see if you can discover something new (even if you’ve driven that route a million times before).
  • At work, school or wherever else you are required to be, practice mindfulness when you can and stay out of every day drama.  Try to slightly separate yourself from your immediate surroundings and observe as if looking through the eyes of your divine self.  This may slow your reflexes a little and make your responses a little delayed. If this is a problem where you are (like in a high stress, “need it yesterday” environment) just tell people you’re a little “off” today and they’ll probably give you some space.  They don’t need to know what you’re up to if you don’t want them too (remember Ninja Creation).
  • Spend some time in nature if you can today.  Running water is especially connected to our spiritual selves and will help sooth and relax you.  Sitting by a creek in the woods is ideal but if you can’t do that then even closing your eyes and listening to a music file will help.  Soaking in the tub while listening will enhance the experience so consider that too.
  • Create a private ritual in the evening to strengthen and solidify your connection with your spiritual self.  This is a great time to set intentions and focus on what you want to create.  The more you’ve been able to work on connecting the more powerful this ritual will be for you.  I don’t like to set parameters for rituals, as this is a very private thing, but some things you may want to include in your ritual might be lighting candles, writing affirmations and/or intentions then burning them as you send them up to spirit, wearing ceremonial clothing (or nothing at all), chanting, creating or reciting poetry, singing or humming, using movement that is sacred to you (Yoga poses, Tai-Chi movement, deliberate stretching or making up your own motion or poses), playing music that is significant to you, gazing into a mirror, using water for cleansing or anointing, using crystals, sending Reiki or other energy to yourself and the world, a guided meditation (your own or one you like), creating an altar or space with sacred objects in it, and so on.
  • End your day in peace, thanking yourself for making this sacred and very personal connection to your divine and spiritual self and once again reviewing the wonderful things you are bringing life to.  Drift off to sleep feeling happy, connected and complete.
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Jul 062014

Create your life from Maria teh Psychic

In my work I often blend psychic and intuitive readings with manifesting and deliberate creation. Why? Because while people say they want to know “their future,” what they really want is to learn how to influence that future to their idea of how things “should be.”

While this is certainly possible, there’s also a problem with this type of thinking. When you insist on creating the world according to your plan, you severely limit your possibilities. It’s like having 200 TV channels and only ever watching 5, then complaining that there’s nothing on!

See here’s the thing. You know what you know and see the world through that lens, making decisions and taking action based on those parameters. But outside of that there are entire universes that you know nothing about, many of which are far more exciting and “exactly what you want” than where you sit today. When you allow yourself to be open to these new experiences and ways of being, your life expands exponentially, possibilities you never dreamed of pop out of nowhere, and you’ll see solutions you never would have thought of otherwise.

This is incredibly exciting news, as it means you don’t have to remain stuck where you are. It’s also incredibly terrifying, as new possibilities can open up on the nightmare side of your dreams instead of the happily ever after side. You know?

And it’s the fear of the nightmare that keeps people stuck in their own little, mediocre, limited bubble of reality. “It ‘might’ be 1000 times worse out there than it is in here, so I’ll stay here even though I’m miserable.” I hear this time and time again, whether I’m doing a psychic reading and the cards urge someone to change or take a different direction or if I’m in the middle of a coaching session with someone and we hit huge blocks that bring up their deepest fears.

But guess what. It could also be 1000 times better. Or a million times! And if that’s the case (which it often is) just think of what you’re missing out on!

So the next time you catch yourself saying something “should be” a certain way or trying to force a certain outcome, stop yourself. Stop yourself and consider what else might be out there that you haven’t even imagined yet. Put out your request without trying to orchestrate the entire scenario or micro-manage every little step and sit back to watch how things unfold on their own. My bet is you’ll be both delighted and surprised at the exciting twists and turns life takes to land you…

exactly where you want to be 🙂

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Jul 022014


When you’re into Law of Attraction and deliberately creating life “your way,” the people around you can muck up the works. This happens more in the beginning when you’re getting your creation ducks in a row, and still have a lot of “what you don’t want” hanging around. These influences will dissipate in time but until they do you may have to do a little Ninja Creating.


What is Ninja Creating?

Going underground and being a little sneaky about what you’re creating so you’re not bothered by those Debbie Downers who want to rain on your parade.

So how do you do it? You could don Ninja Clothes and slink around all day long (wouldn’t that be fun!), but more practically (and stealthily), include some of these ninja tactics in your deliberate creations:

  1. Use code – This is a big one and got me through a lot during those early days when I was learning how to sculpt my reality while still working in the corporate world around people who weren’t exactly LOA friendly. What I did was make up little symbols and strategically place them all around me.  I was pretty sneaky with this, putting little pictures on mailing labels then cutting them out in shapes and sticking them on my monitor, pencil holder, stapler and so on. I also took pictures of friends and family next to props that were symbolic to me (like next to a Buddha statue to remind me of peace, a car I wanted to remind me of that, etc.). Then I put them in normal frames and no one was the wiser. Another tactic was posting affirmations that had an outer meaning to everyone else but a special meaning to me and what I was creating. I also had plants in my office to remind me of nature, a special coin I left on my desk to remind me of wealth, and accents in green for money, purple for spiritual development, blue for healing and so on. In my desk I kept a deck of affirmation cards and every morning I’d take one out and make it my focus for the day. Are you getting the idea here?
  2. Don’t talk about what you’re doing – I know this is hard, especially with people you’re around a lot, but it’s important if you’re serious about creating what you want. The truth is most of the people around you aren’t going to understand, and most likely they’ll give you a million reasons why you shouldn’t or can’t do what you’re about to do. Others will be jealous and use biting words to try and knock you back down to their level. So don’t talk about it. And when they try to bait you simply smile and “remember” some important thing you need to take care of right away. In other words, “avoid.” What makes this so hard is that you’ll be bubbling over with excitement about the wonderful things you’re creating and it will be all but impossible to share. Instead of sharing with the naysayers, find people who will be supportive and be your cheerleaders. This may be a few close friends, people you know online, and new friends you begin to meet along your journey. In time more and more supportive people will appear in your life and the naysayers will become few and far between.
  3. Especially don’t talk to those closest to you, unless they’re on the same page – While people at work, school, or otherwise in your daily life can and do affect your mood, it’s those closest to us that create the biggest problems. I’m talking family and close friends here. Some of these turn out to be our worst enemies when it comes to us trying to improve our lives. As much as we care about these people and want them to support us, you just gotta realize that for some of them it ain’t gonna happen. It’s not that they don’t want to be supportive. It’s that from where they’re coming from in their own lives they are literally not capable of supporting you. Not in the way you need them too. So they offer what they think is support, which is in reality criticism and nay saying, all in the name of “your own good.” So as hard as it may be – just don’t include them in your deliberate creation adventures.
  4. Don’t try to change or convince anyone – In fact, don’t engage people who aren’t on your side at all. Everyone has a different opinion of how life should be lived. If they don’t agree with you then fine – leave them to themselves and others like them. This is a really important point by the way. I’ve seen so many people spend tons of time and energy trying to win people over to their way of thinking (think those born again types). I get it… you’re excited about what you’re doing and you want to share it with the world! But the world may not be ready, so let them be.
  5. Find like-minded people and develop friendships and alliances with them – This happens naturally as you align with your new way of being. Old people drop off and new come as you change inwardly. Plus in time you’ll be able to figure out really quickly who is and isn’t in alignment with your way of being, and you won’t spend a lot of time and energy on those who aren’t.

Ok that’s it. Are you ready to don your Ninja disguise and start creating out in the real world? Let me know how it goes 🙂

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Jul 012014

Psychic Maria talks about Tarot Cards - Ace of Swords

I love Aces! They speak to me of personal power, taking charge, and starting new and exciting adventures. Ace is the number ONE which is about what you can do yourself vs with a partner or group. In numerology one is the number of leadership, singularity, and originality. So it’s all about YOU.

Swords are about using the mental and logical side of your brain, bringing out your warrior self, and using force if necessary to forge your way through the world. This isn’t always a bad thing by the way. Sometimes you have to stand up and take charge, slicing through the bs and literally cutting down your opponents. And the Ace of Swords shouts loud and clear that you are ready to do just that, conquering whatever is blocking your path to stand victorious as king (or queen) of your world.

This card also indicates clarity of mind, meaning that things you weren’t sure of will become clear and it’s time to get off the fence, make a few command decisions and then act on them swiftly and with conviction. It may even seem like you’re barking orders at yourself and others, and that comes from the sword’s no-nonsense approach to getting things done. No time for discussion or being wishy-washy. Just get it done.

When this card is drawn, it indicates an excellent time to take on new projects, ask for (or demand) a promotion, start a business, or take charge of a situation. It also means that what was muddy in your head is now clear and you can confidently make decisions and take action to carry them out.

If reversed (upside down), this card means something or someone is inhibiting your power or holding you back. It can be an outside force or your own limitations, but either way it means you have a bit more work to do before charging forward.

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