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Jul 022014


When you’re into Law of Attraction and deliberately creating life “your way,” the people around you can muck up the works. This happens more in the beginning when you’re getting your creation ducks in a row, and still have a lot of “what you don’t want” hanging around. These influences will dissipate in time but until they do you may have to do a little Ninja Creating.


What is Ninja Creating?

Going underground and being a little sneaky about what you’re creating so you’re not bothered by those Debbie Downers who want to rain on your parade.

So how do you do it? You could don Ninja Clothes and slink around all day long (wouldn’t that be fun!), but more practically (and stealthily), include some of these ninja tactics in your deliberate creations:

  1. Use code – This is a big one and got me through a lot during those early days when I was learning how to sculpt my reality while still working in the corporate world around people who weren’t exactly LOA friendly. What I did was make up little symbols and strategically place them all around me.  I was pretty sneaky with this, putting little pictures on mailing labels then cutting them out in shapes and sticking them on my monitor, pencil holder, stapler and so on. I also took pictures of friends and family next to props that were symbolic to me (like next to a Buddha statue to remind me of peace, a car I wanted to remind me of that, etc.). Then I put them in normal frames and no one was the wiser. Another tactic was posting affirmations that had an outer meaning to everyone else but a special meaning to me and what I was creating. I also had plants in my office to remind me of nature, a special coin I left on my desk to remind me of wealth, and accents in green for money, purple for spiritual development, blue for healing and so on. In my desk I kept a deck of affirmation cards and every morning I’d take one out and make it my focus for the day. Are you getting the idea here?
  2. Don’t talk about what you’re doing – I know this is hard, especially with people you’re around a lot, but it’s important if you’re serious about creating what you want. The truth is most of the people around you aren’t going to understand, and most likely they’ll give you a million reasons why you shouldn’t or can’t do what you’re about to do. Others will be jealous and use biting words to try and knock you back down to their level. So don’t talk about it. And when they try to bait you simply smile and “remember” some important thing you need to take care of right away. In other words, “avoid.” What makes this so hard is that you’ll be bubbling over with excitement about the wonderful things you’re creating and it will be all but impossible to share. Instead of sharing with the naysayers, find people who will be supportive and be your cheerleaders. This may be a few close friends, people you know online, and new friends you begin to meet along your journey. In time more and more supportive people will appear in your life and the naysayers will become few and far between.
  3. Especially don’t talk to those closest to you, unless they’re on the same page – While people at work, school, or otherwise in your daily life can and do affect your mood, it’s those closest to us that create the biggest problems. I’m talking family and close friends here. Some of these turn out to be our worst enemies when it comes to us trying to improve our lives. As much as we care about these people and want them to support us, you just gotta realize that for some of them it ain’t gonna happen. It’s not that they don’t want to be supportive. It’s that from where they’re coming from in their own lives they are literally not capable of supporting you. Not in the way you need them too. So they offer what they think is support, which is in reality criticism and nay saying, all in the name of “your own good.” So as hard as it may be – just don’t include them in your deliberate creation adventures.
  4. Don’t try to change or convince anyone – In fact, don’t engage people who aren’t on your side at all. Everyone has a different opinion of how life should be lived. If they don’t agree with you then fine – leave them to themselves and others like them. This is a really important point by the way. I’ve seen so many people spend tons of time and energy trying to win people over to their way of thinking (think those born again types). I get it… you’re excited about what you’re doing and you want to share it with the world! But the world may not be ready, so let them be.
  5. Find like-minded people and develop friendships and alliances with them – This happens naturally as you align with your new way of being. Old people drop off and new come as you change inwardly. Plus in time you’ll be able to figure out really quickly who is and isn’t in alignment with your way of being, and you won’t spend a lot of time and energy on those who aren’t.

Ok that’s it. Are you ready to don your Ninja disguise and start creating out in the real world? Let me know how it goes 🙂

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  1. […] At work, school or wherever else you are required to be, practice mindfulness when you can and stay out of every day drama.  Try to slightly separate yourself from your immediate surroundings and observe as if looking through the eyes of your divine self.  This may slow your reflexes a little and make your responses a little delayed. If this is a problem where you are (like in a high stress, “need it yesterday” environment) just tell people you’re a little “off” today and they’ll probably give you some space.  They don’t need to know what you’re up to if you don’t want them too (remember Ninja Creation). […]

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