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Jul 302014

Rules to live by - Love yourself first

If I were writing my own commandments or a code to live by, the first one would be:

Love and honor yourself above all.

Not someone else. Not God or another deity. Not the sun or the moon, the Greek, Roman or Pagan Gods, Yahweh, Elohim, Krishna, Ganesha, Buddha, Allah, Muhammad, or any other divine entity.

Yourself. You and only you. Period.

Love and honor yourself in your strength, your weakness, your divine perfection and your human imperfection. Honor your best decisions and your worst, your failures and your successes.

Love your physical beauty and ugliness too – your wrinkles and scars, your funny shaped toes and your dimples and fat rolls – your warts and moles – your beautiful nose and hair – your aches and pains and everything else.

Love your patience and kindness as well as your short temper and wicked thoughts. Honor all your thoughts, whether kind and loving or evil, conniving and mean.

Love your range of emotions, from ecstatic to miserable and everything in between.

Love your courage and also your fears, hang-ups and anxiety.

Love your physical body, sexuality, senses, sense of movement and fluidity, base energy and vitality as well as your physical limitations and irritations about those limitations.

Love your health and your illnesses, even those that might kill you. Because after all part of living is dying.

Honor your personal opinions and code of ethics, and be proud of what they are no matter what anyone else thinks. Honor your decisions on how to live, the work you do, the things you love, and your definition of relationship, family, value, work, fulfillment and happiness.

Honor your choice of mate, partner, family, friends and those who you allow into your circles. Nurture those relationships and know that only you can determine who is “right for you.”

Your life is uniquely yours. To live by any set of rules or code that is not your own is cheating yourself and limiting yourself to far less than you could be. It also severely limits the world as no one but you can be you in the world, and no one but you can bring your uniqueness and beauty to life here on this plane.

So love and honor yourself first. Be who you are with every cell of your being, every breath you take and every ounce of energy you have! This is your highest calling and your most precious gift to yourself, the world and life. This is true divinity and creative life force in action.

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