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Jul 162014

When I first learned to read Tarot cards many years ago, I, like so many others, tried to use the little book that came with the deck. I’d deal out the cards and look up the meanings of each individual cards, trying to make sense of it all. Honestly though I didn’t get it, and thinking the problem was me I got a bigger, more comprehensive book so I could look up longer, more complex descriptions. Not surprisingly, I still didn’t get it and my readings were flat and didn’t make sense to me or anyone else.

Then my friend and Tarot Mentor, Jen, taught me to read “her way.” She taught me that the cards tell a story and my job as a reader is to learn how to read that story and interpret it for the client. She made it look so easy – and still I struggled with it. Despite an intellectual understanding of what I thought I was supposed to be, the reality was I was trying to take the book descriptions and superimpose them on the spread to force a story to appear.

It didn’t work.

And I became so frustrated I almost gave up. Ok I did give up and stuck the cards in the back of my drawer for a while 🙂

Then one day I came across a book, which I think is one of the absolute BEST tarot books out there. Not because it tells you what the cards mean, but because it teaches you how to see the story.

That’s what was missing! I wasn’t seeing the story. If you’ve tried to read cards but are struggling with it then I bet you have a similar problem. You’re not seeing, feeling, channeling the story.

2 Hour Tarot Tutor by Wilma CarrollOnce I read the book and did what it said (and it only took a couple hours at most), the cards came alive! Now I GOT IT! The cards became alive and almost three dimensional, and they told their stories so clearly and easily I could hardly believe I hadn’t seen them before. Needless to say I threw all the other books away 🙂

Want this amazing book? It’s called Two Hour Tarot Tutor by Wilma Carroll (thank you Wilma!) and you can get it by clicking on the picture or at this link.

And if you need more help, I am a Tarot teacher and mentor myself and will be happy to help make the stories come alive for you as they did for me. But here’s a hint. Your first homework assignment will be to purchase and read that book 🙂

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