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Jul 072014

Numerology from Psychic Maria - 777Today is a really cool day in Numerology!

Numerology, if you don’t know, is all about the significance of numbers and their influences in our lives.  We calculate the numbers by adding up each number of a sequence, then reducing to a single digit.  So for today we have:

7 + 7 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 4 = 21 and 2 + 1 = 3

So today is a “3” day and 3 is about fertility, creative expression, and bringing something new to life.  It can apply to art, music, ideas, sexual and physical energy, and virtually everything else you can think of.  And today it especially applies to creating spiritually.

Why?  because in addition to the creative 3, today is full of the number 7.  We’re in the 7th day of the 7th month and if you add up the digits for this year you also get 7.  So it’s the 7th day of the 7th month of a “7” year.  Triple 7s (or any number) are very powerful because 3 is creation so when you triple a number you call forth it’s creative force.  And since we’re on a 3 day in addition to this, it’s extra powerful!

Don’t worry if you’re not a math person.  I know all these numbers can be daunting!  So let’s get right to the point:  What does this mean for YOU?

It means today is a day to turn inward, think about your divine, spiritual self and focus on bringing more of that forth into your physical world.

You may want to start the day meditating for a few minutes to connect with your higher self – the essence and beauty of who you really are.  You may choose to spend the day being extra mindful, contemplating more, turning inward and engaging less in the world around you, setting intentions, renewing affirmations that have gone stale, or performing private rituals that are sacred to you.

The important thing is that you connect as deeply as you can with your spiritual self, and use today to plant seeds and launch rockets of creative life force into the world around you.

Some ideas for celebrating today….

  • Set the timer for 5-10 minutes (depending on your schedule and how long you can sit still) and get really quiet.  Concentrate on your breathing, counting slowly as you inhale then exhale.  It doesn’t matter what the count is, but that your breathing is calm, rhythmic and relaxing.  As you fall into a deeper, relaxed state, leave the counting and simply focus on connecting with your divine self.  No agenda or thoughts here… just BE with YOU.
  • As you go about routine tasks (getting coffee, brushing your teeth, getting dressed, etc.) focus your mind on what you are doing.  Really pay attention to your mind and body as you allow the task itself to consume you for a few moments.  Again use this experience to connect with your divine self, allowing it to shine through in the simplicity of day to day life.
  • In traffic send silent blessings to everyone around you.  Turn the radio off and drive with purpose, trying to see the world through your spiritual side.  Imagine that those who are rude and cut you off are light beings who haven’t read this article and are disconnected from themselves at this moment.  Imagine that delays are really detours to help align you with your higher purpose.  Be curious about the route you take and see if you can discover something new (even if you’ve driven that route a million times before).
  • At work, school or wherever else you are required to be, practice mindfulness when you can and stay out of every day drama.  Try to slightly separate yourself from your immediate surroundings and observe as if looking through the eyes of your divine self.  This may slow your reflexes a little and make your responses a little delayed. If this is a problem where you are (like in a high stress, “need it yesterday” environment) just tell people you’re a little “off” today and they’ll probably give you some space.  They don’t need to know what you’re up to if you don’t want them too (remember Ninja Creation).
  • Spend some time in nature if you can today.  Running water is especially connected to our spiritual selves and will help sooth and relax you.  Sitting by a creek in the woods is ideal but if you can’t do that then even closing your eyes and listening to a music file will help.  Soaking in the tub while listening will enhance the experience so consider that too.
  • Create a private ritual in the evening to strengthen and solidify your connection with your spiritual self.  This is a great time to set intentions and focus on what you want to create.  The more you’ve been able to work on connecting the more powerful this ritual will be for you.  I don’t like to set parameters for rituals, as this is a very private thing, but some things you may want to include in your ritual might be lighting candles, writing affirmations and/or intentions then burning them as you send them up to spirit, wearing ceremonial clothing (or nothing at all), chanting, creating or reciting poetry, singing or humming, using movement that is sacred to you (Yoga poses, Tai-Chi movement, deliberate stretching or making up your own motion or poses), playing music that is significant to you, gazing into a mirror, using water for cleansing or anointing, using crystals, sending Reiki or other energy to yourself and the world, a guided meditation (your own or one you like), creating an altar or space with sacred objects in it, and so on.
  • End your day in peace, thanking yourself for making this sacred and very personal connection to your divine and spiritual self and once again reviewing the wonderful things you are bringing life to.  Drift off to sleep feeling happy, connected and complete.
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  One Response to “Today in Numerology: 7-7-7”

  1. Great idea Maria.I totally agree.If we all just take the time to look inside and stop for just “moments” per day, our lives would be fuller and we would better understand our reasons for “being” here.
    Be the best “Who you are”.Really ? Ah yes…
    Thanks Maria

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