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Aug 152014

Psychic Maria defines Psychic Attack

If you do a Google search you’ll find that there are many different definitions of psychic attack, most of them centering around someone sending negative energy with the intent to harm you.

While this is certainly true, it’s not complete. In my experience, people can psychically attack you with the intent to do harm or good, and they can do it even if they’re not aware what they’re up to. So let’s define psychic attack:

Psychic attack occurs when someone either consciously or unconsciously uses their thoughts, emotions and vibration to influence, control or manipulate you.

From the point of view of the attacker, this can be done with the best of intentions. For example, if your parents don’t like your choice of partner they may send psychic vibes out to try and break up the relationship. This energy can be very negative and is palpable when you’re in each other’s presence. From their point of view however, they love you and want what’s best for you (well…. what they “think” of what’s best for you) so they think they’re being loving and helpful. From your point of view however, it’s very negative and can seriously mess with your life!

Of course people can also psychically attack with the intent to harm.  For instance in a relationship your partner may psychically try to manipulate you to act or think a certain way.  This may be a deliberately abusive attempt to manipulate or control you, or it could be an unconscious attempt stemming from your partner’s fears and insecurities.  Another example, is when someone dislikes you for some reason and mentally intends to do you harm.  A competitor trying to put you out of business, neighbor sending you bad vibes because they don’t like your lifestyle, or angry ex trying to mess with your current relationships are all examples of this.

The bottom line is that when someone tries to influence you through their thoughts and energy field, no matter what the intentions, they’re psychically attacking you.

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