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Aug 232014

A lot of people tell me stories about their children (or other children they know) who are displaying psychic abilities, and they aren’t sure how to deal with them.  In fact they’re sometimes a bit scared and worried about what people might think if word got out that little Johnny “knows things” or can see and talk to his dead Grandmother.

So let’s talk about it a bit….

First of all, it is our natural state to be psychic.  All of us are born with a strong connection to the non-physical world (after all that’s where we just came from) and we retain that ability for the first few years of life here on earth.  For most of us, as we become more rooted in the physical world we begin to identify with this as our reality, and our memories and abilities fade for a time.

So the first thing to be aware of, is that children are highly psychic because they’re still connected to the non-physical.  Then as they grow this world becomes more interesting and their clear connection fades naturally.

Second, children will actively suppress their abilities if they get feedback that they’re not ok.  These messages often come from adults who are frightened or freaked out by their children’s abilities or who, because of their own rigid belief systems, can’t accept what’s going on.  Conversely, some adults get super excited and go overboard showing off their children’s abilities, making them feel like some kind of freak show.  Either way the effect on the child is that they feel like something is wrong with them, and this can wreak havoc in all areas of their life for a very long time.

As an adult your reaction and response is super important and can make a huge difference in the healthy development of your children, psychic and otherwise.  Here are some tips on how to affirm and encourage psychic abilities in your kids:

  • Act like it’s normal.  It IS normal but many adults make it a big deal when a child displays psychic tendencies.  While it seems like you’re encouraging them by going “Wow!” what you may be doing is sending a message that they’re somehow special or different.  Kids don’t like to be all that special or different… they want to fit into the world around them.  So instead of making a huge deal of it, act like it’s a perfectly normal part of life.
  • Take them seriously.  When kids say they’re seeing or hearing something then they probably are.  Instead of dismissing their stories as nonsense, treat their non-physical friends as if they are physical ones.  You can explain that they’re non-physical and so only they can see them, but don’t discount their existence.
  • Engage them in conversation.  When Johnny talks about seeing a non-physical entity ask him about it.  What does it look like?  What are you two talking about?  What do you like to do together?  Ask questions as if you’re talking about a human friend and encourage responses.  If your child says the entity is telling them to do things you don’t approve of then instead of getting angry explain that this behavior is not ok and that you have certain rules you expect everyone in your house to follow, including non-physical entities.  It’s also fine to explain in an age-appropriate manner that not every entity is friendly and that some are even bullies (just like other children can be).
  • Give them tools to deal with scary or negative experiences.  Like I just said, not every entity is friendly.  Just like you’d teach a child how to deal with a bully at school, you need to teach them how to deal with unfriendly entities and spirits.  For most kids a firm “stop it!” is enough to keep things in line.  Some children respond better to simple rituals (make one up just for them) and some need the help of guardian angels and friendly entities to help keep them safe from the scary ones.
  • Don’t let them pull one over on you.  Kids are clever and will lie to keep themselves out of trouble.  Just like children will blame their siblings for something they did, sometimes they’ll also blame non-physical entities to save their own butts.  You need to pay attention and be discerning so that you know when they’re telling the truth and when they’re trying to pull a fast one.
  • Help them deal with negative feedback from humans.  An important lesson that kids need to learn is that not everyone is loving, kind and supportive.  Therefore, even though you’re totally cool with their abilities, they need to understand that not everyone shares your enthusiasm.  Now I wouldn’t bring this up before the fact, as there’s no sense in having them worry about something that hasn’t even happened.  But if they do experience negativity from someone, it’s important to explain that different people have different beliefs and that they’re perfectly ok and normal despite what so and so says.  It’s also important to talk to them about how to deal with this type of criticism if it happens again.
  • Encourage their abilities in every day life.  If you have a child that’s good at finding lost things then encourage that ability by asking them every time something gets lost.  If they see dead people then ask them to “tell grandma this” or “ask grandma about that.”  Give them opportunities to integrate their abilities in every day life so that they stay strong and sharp.
  • Encourage them to learn more about it.  But only if they’re interested.  Nothing kills the desire to learn faster than shoving something down someone’s throat.  So if your child shows interest in occult or metaphysical studies then by all means encourage it.  But don’t insist they read cards, play with pendulums or study certain books or belief systems if they clearly have no interest in the subject.
  • Know that they may fade.  As children reach school age their psychic abilities often start to fade naturally.  It’s not that they’re losing them but just that they’re taking a back seat to the physical world.  Remember that one of the jobs of a child is to learn how to function independently in the physical world so they can become a well adjusted, independent adult.  So if your child’s abilities seem to fade, just take it in stride.  If they ask then explain that they’re focusing more on school and other activities but that their abilities aren’t gone, they’re just taking a rest.  Also explain that they’ll come back on their own soon enough and not to worry about it.

Ok that’s it for now.  If you need more help with understanding and raising your psychic children then give me a holler.  We can schedule a session specific to that and develop a plan just for you and your family.

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