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Aug 222014

Psychic attack or love?There are times when you think you’re being psychically attacked but you’re not.

There are times that what you perceive as psychic attack is really an attempt to send love and positive vibes your way, but since you’re coming from a very different space it feels like an attack to you.

There are also times when just being in someone’s presence makes you feel drained and even sick. This could be psychic attack, but sometimes it really is just two vibrations that are out of sync so they interfere with each other’s harmony.

My point is that you can experience what feels like psychic attack when really it’s just energetic differences. There’s no right or wrong vibe to have here… just different and if you’re in a situation where the vibe is very different than what you’re comfortable with it can feel very negative to you, even if it isn’t.

Let me tell you a story to illustrate:

Years ago I was at a national convention for a company I worked at and had the opportunity to hear Zig Ziglar speak. It was in a huge arena, with maybe 5,000 people there and I’m not a crowd person. The energy was really high and everyone seemed really excited.

Except for me.  I was having a panic attack.

I felt cold and clammy, couldn’t breathe, and thought i was going to pass out right there. A couple people with me even asked if I was feeling ok because I looked positively ashen. I lied and said I was fine, and closed my eyes to try and shut out what I perceived to be very negative energy bombarding me from all angles. Just when I thought I couldn’t take anymore and would have to leave, a small thought formed in the back of my mind:

What if all these people were sending love and I just couldn’t feel it?

I sat with this for a minute, then closed my eyes, started breathing slowly and purposely, and mentally started repeating that everyone in the room loved me and was happy I was there and that the vibes I was feeling were ethereal hugs and well wishes.

Nothing shifted at first but I kept at it and after about 10 minutes I realized that I was no longer cold and clammy but instead felt relaxed and warm. The atmosphere felt different and I opened my eyes to find a very different scene. Physically nothing had changed…. there were still tons of people in the arena and Zig Ziglar was still on stage talking. The difference was that I now felt part of the group. I was in sync with the vibe of the place and instead of feeling like I was being oppressed and attacked, I felt welcomed and loved.

So you see… it really is a matter of perception and synchronicity much of the time.

The next time you feel attacked, try mentally morphing that incoming vibe into love, acceptance, appreciation, and every warm, fuzzy feeling you can muster up. If that changes your mood then you’ll know that you weren’t really being attacked, but just out of sync with the person or people sending the vibes.

If nothing changes or you feel worse then it may indeed be a psychic attack, and it’s time to take steps to protect yourself (more on this later).


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