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Aug 272014

Psychic, sensual, passionate, emotionally mature, a wonderful and intense lover…. what an amazing guy!

I see the King of Cups as the lover of the Tarot deck. He is full of passion and radiates sex appeal, sometimes to the point of being irresistible. He is also emotionally mature and knows who he is and what he wants from life… and from you. He’s in touch with the core of who he is, is fully present, can be vulnerable and truly open, knows how to express himself, and has the ability to fulfill your every desire on very deep levels. This is a man who is ready to love as a man, not as a boy child who’s all about the superficial. He’s also strong and wise and will go out of his way to take care of those he loves. You can count on him when you need love and support and he will be there for the long haul.

As you study the card you’ll see that he is gazing directly into your eyes and his arms are open, indicating that he’s naked and available to you on all levels. He holds a coup which is full of hot, steamy love and emotional fulfillment. He often olds a staff or scepter too indicating emotional stability and support. So we have all the passion of a great lover without the drama of a loose cannon. Pretty good combination!

In a business situation this card indicates leadership with compassion and understanding, a boss who cares about his employees and treats them as family. He is kind and caring, and also has a really appealing vibe that makes people want to work with him. Because of his strong sexual energy, people may sometimes mistake his friendly and open nature for something romantic. He’s aware of this and gently makes sure people understand the nature of their relationship, although he is also the kind to mix business and personal relationships with no problem.

If reversed we see a man who’s looking sideways, not quite ready to share or expose himself emotionally. It may indicate someone who is physically an adult but is emotionally immature and unable to commit or open himself to relationships. It can also indicate someone who has been hurt very deeply and now avoids getting too close to people, holding his emotions at arm’s length so he doesn’t get hurt again.

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