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Sep 282014

Psychic Marias glossary - grounding

Grounding, or earthing as some people prefer to call is, means connecting your physical body with the energy of the earth.

We are non-physical beings having a physical experience, but sometimes, especially when life gets stressful, we sub-consciously disconnect partially from the physical world and become “ungrounded.” Symptoms of this include feeling spacey, being unable to focus, feeling sick without being able to quite figure out why, and having trouble relating to the physical world. People who are perpetually ungrounded tend to have trouble with money, health, work and other earth things because they are not connected enough to really participate and succeed on the earth plane.

Grounding is the process of reconnecting yourself with the physical world. To take it a step farther, you can also create a solid and permanent bond so that you don’t keep floating off… at least not while you’re in physical form.

There are far too many ways to ground to list here, but I’ve included a few of my favorites to help you get started. I can also help you create a personal grounding method for you, based on your energetic field, astrology & numerology, and life path. Contact me for more info.

How to ground

Meditation – This involves following a guided meditation (either recorded or one of your own making). It is very relaxing and will ground you quite well, but it can take some time. Here are a few of my favorite meditation CD’s specifically for grounding:

Grounding and Archangel Michael Meditation by Sunny Dawn Johnson Grounding & Clearing: Volume 1 with Reiki Master Steve Murray Grounding: Becoming the Tree of Life by Storm Faerywolf


Visualizing – This is similar to meditation but can be done much more quickly, often in a minute or less. One way is to close your eyes and visualize roots growing out of your feet and root chakra, going deep into the earth and anchoring you to its core. As the roots gain solid footing, a trunk then rises through your body until branches shoot out of your crown chakra and outstretched hands, connecting you to the spirit realm above. Encourage the tree to grow strong and solid and you will be firmly grounded.

Another variation on this is to visualize a silver cord running through you, branching out to connect your root to the earth by wrapping many tendrils around its core. The tendrils also extend upward from your crown, connecting you to the spirit realm. Silver is the color of choice here, though I’ve seen people do it with whatever color or colors appeal to them.

The aim is to connect yourself solidly to both the earth’s core and the spirit realm, allowing your body to be solidly grounded in the middle and act as a conduit between the two. Got it?

Physically connecting with the elements is another way to ground. Here are some examples:

  • Earth – Lie on your back in the grass, beach, dirt, etc, play in a sandbox, make mud pies and clay sculptures, let mud ooze between your toes, build rock and pebble cities, etc.
  • Water – go swimming, tubing, skiing or anything that gets you in the water, make snow angels, have snowball fights, build forts and hide in them, dance or just walk in the rain, sit on the porch and watch a storm, shower and play under a waterfall, relax in a hot spring or hot tub
  • Air – close your eyes and feel the breeze on your face and in your hair, ride your bike real fast like you did when you were a kid, roll down your car windows, fly a kite, feel the icy wind of winter whip across your face and take your breath away
  • Fire – close your eyes and feel the warmth of the sun, sit by a camp fire, close your eyes and really feel the heat on your body, then open your eyes and allow yourself to get lost in its dance, gaze into a candle
  • Combinations – run through a sprinkler (earth and water), make pottery (earth and water), sit in a sauna (fire and water)

Connecting directly with nature is another great way to ground, as nature is what being in the physical is about. Here are some ways to do that:

  • Hug a tree
  • Run around barefoot
  • Lie in the grass, especially in the rain
  • Plant a garden or just plants. It doesn’t have to be fancy
  • Eat food you just picked (just make sure it’s safe if you wildcraft)
  • Close your eyes and smell the earth, plants, animals, etc.
  • Play with animals and care for them – you can do this even if you’re just visiting
  • Talk to animals as if it’s a real conversation. You may be surprised at what you hear back
  • Go camping
  • Go fishing or hunting – this is not destroying nature but connecting with it in a very primal way. Of course eat what you catch

I hope this gave you some good ideas on how to ground yourself. The ultimate method is one that really resonates with you so try a few until you find something that fits.

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Sep 222014

A few weeks ago I posted an article called Do what you love? Yeah, Right and I got a bit of backlash from the Law of Attraction crowd. As a long time LOA coach and someone well versed in the art of deliberate creation, you’d think that I’d put a more sunny spin on the whole “do what you love thing.”

I don’t because it’s not reality for many people. I stand by what I said about finding something you enjoy well enough, that pays the bills, and gives you the flexibility to pursue those things you really love, but that you have no intention making a career out of.

I also stand by saying that there are things that you might love but if they turned into a money thing you’d grow to hate them. I have a friend who’s an excellent healer and who doesn’t charge (other than donations) because she says she tried charging and it killed the joy of her work and turned into “just a job.”

So yeah…. what we do for work isn’t always what we do for the joy of doing it and vice-versa.

Having said that, you CAN create a life you love doing things you enjoy doing. It often just has to happen incrementally. And that’s the secret.

See we put these requests out to the Universe and we have this idea that they’re going to magically appear in full form, ready to go. Sometimes that happens and then we get to do a great big happy dance! But more often, things come to us in tiny bits and pieces over time.

There’s nothing wrong with that. Our ability to create quickly and easily is a skill that develops as we work with it so it makes sense that things will take time, especially if we’re new to it.  Additionally, some things are just so huge that we have invisible blocks that keep us from getting there.  By delivering our orders incrementally, the Universe is helping us get past those blocks in a way that we can handle.

Otherwise, we may get overloaded or freak out and actually reject the thing we want.


So how does this incremental manifesting work?  How about an example…

Wedding-bouquetLet’s say you absolutely LOVE flowers and want to have an amazing business providing custom bouquets and flower arrangements for celebrity weddings.  Unfortunately, you live in the middle of Iowa and the biggest celebrity you know is Bessie the prize winning cow… so yeah, your dream may take a few steps to come into full reality.

During those steps you may grow a flower garden, experiment with developing your own specialty flowers, work for the town florist, make flower arrangements for free for your friends’ weddings, make Bessie a bouquet for winning the blue ribbon at the county fair (which she promptly eats), enter floral contests, submit dozens of articles to publications, teach classes on how to make flower arrangements, then finally open your own shop and spend your days making boring rose bouquets for Valentine’s day and mundane arrangements for weddings and other events, and maybe have a gig providing live fresh flowers for a local restaurant.

Which all seems to lead nowhere until one day the Mayor has a special event for which that restaurant asks you to make something fancy….

…And this leads to you finally getting your big break as the Mayor loves your fancy restaurant centerpiece and hires you to do the floral arrangements for her daughter’s wedding, which gets you a blurb and photo in the local paper, which is seen by the best friend of a cousin of a semi-known celebrity who calls you to have you make a special arrangement for that cousin, which is then seen by the semi-known celebrity who loves it and orders one for her friend who is a caterer to the stars who loves it so much that she calls and Bam! You get your big break! Finally! And all this only took 15 years 😀

Sooo……………….. did you end up doing what you love AND getting paid for it? YES! Did it happen quickly and effortlessly? No. There were probably tears and frustration when things didn’t work out and many days when you thought if you had to make one more stupid rose bouquet you’d scream and days when you thought your big break was coming but you somehow missed it. There were also days like around Valentine’s day when you worked non-stop getting those orders completed and out the door in time and came home exhausted and aching so badly that you seriously doubted whether your dream was ever going to come true and if you were even in the right business after all.

But you got there. And that’s a huge Law of Attraction secret people don’t like to talk about. There are no promises of “easy and fast manifestations.”

The only promise is that the more we focus on what we want and keep our dreams in view, the more likely they are to manifest.  Not “guaranteed.”  More likely.  This is why I advise people to create a life that has a good mix of what you love doing and what you do for work, and as time and opportunity arises you can blend love and work more, keep pursuing your dreams, and bit by bit get closer to spending ever bigger percentages of your days doing what you love.

You may never get to 100% but if you keeping making incremental steps in that direction I can promise you’ll end life a whole lot happier than you would have if you’d just given up completely and settled for doing what you despise just to survive.

It’s incremental… what’s your first step?

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Sep 152014


The first time I saw this card I saw a hippie bishop going “peace to the world!”

The Hierophant is the wise man of the deck. He is quiet and unassuming, but when he has something to say he holds up his hand to quiet the room and then speaks his words of wisdom. He is also very honest and full of integrity and calls you to take the high road, taking action based on your own moral code and values.

His bishop-like appearance speaks of structure and tradition, and he generally advises to take a conservative and safe route to your goals. The background is many shades of purple which portrays a strong connection to the spiritual realm. In front of him are two keys, crossed with the symbol of Taurus, the bull. The keys tell us that he holds keys, or secrets that can help us be successful in the material world (Taurus is represents earth and the physical). He raises three fingers (two fingers and a thumb) and his staff has three cross bars, both symbols of creative expression. This is a gentle reminder to open our hearts to imagination and creativity and allow wisdom to flow through us. He also reminds us to chill out and let peace prevail.

Reversed this card indicates someone who is turning away from traditional wisdom or not listening to good advice. He looks toward the future while discarding the past and therefore ignores the lessons he could learn from it. The gold color indicates that he is chasing material gain and wealth at the expense of his spiritual life.

Depending on the reading though, it could also be a message to get advice from someone wiser or smarter than you in a certain area. So it’s really important to read the card in context.

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Sep 132014

Ancestor-VoicesA lot of people ask me to help them figure out what is the right way for them to live in this world.  That’s a trick question of course, as it’s different for everyone, but after talking with a client who is having a lot of trouble in this area I was thinking about it and perusing some of my favorite blogs when I came across this post on Thulean Perspective:

At the end of the post was this quote, which really struck a chord with me and spoke to my client’s query:

You can read a thousand books by so-called scholars and learn nothing, or you can listen to your blood, to the voices of your forebears, to your intuition and you will understand it all in less than a second. ~ Varg Virkernes

Wow this is a powerful statement!

What an amazing reminder that our knowing and personal truth is within us just waiting to be tapped.

From birth we are taught to look outward for answers. We’re taught that “they” know better than we do for ourselves and that we better listen to our elders, religion and different authorities to know how to live. We’re also inundated with messages from various groups and from the media who have their own agenda, not to mention they want to make sure we keep consuming and buying whatever it is they’re selling.

Wrong, Wrong, Wrong!

You are NOT here to live for anyone but YOU. No one knows better than you what is right for you.

When you take the time to sit back and listen to your own voice you’ll finally understand who you are, why you’re here and how to live.

Of course I know there is a problem with this. We’re constantly bombarded with millions of messages that are NOT us that we’ve grown confused and our own voice is drowned out by the sea of propaganda. And even if we do think we’re hearing something, our intuition is often not keen enough to discern our own voice from all those around it. So what do we do?

  • Meditation helps if you can calm your mind long enough to quiet the non-stop chatter of the world. While guided meditations and listening to music are fine, quiet and freedom from all distractions will make it easier to hear your own voice most clearly.
  • Speaking of that taking a break from modern conveniences can also go a long way to helping you hear yourself once again. This is tricky to do as we’re so accustom to the buzz of appliances and electricity we don’t even realize how much in the background they are until the power goes off. If you don’t believe me try flipping your main breaker off and you’ll be amazed at how truly quiet your house becomes.
  • Spending time in nature can also help you reconnect with yourself and also with the earth, which is our biological and physical home. Again make sure you’re far enough out so the sounds you’re hearing are truly nature, without the buzz of overhead wires, passing cars and such. It’s amazing how different the world sounds, looks and smells when you are really, truly away from civilization.
  • We can also look to our ancestors for information about who we are. Whether you believe in reincarnation or not, genetically we all carry the blood of our forbearers and therefore we can find clues about who we are by studying how they lived.   This is why multiculturalism is dangerous to those looking to find their inner voice. The more we dilute our ancestry the more muddled our voice becomes, until we are entirely uncertain of who we are at all. This makes us easy prey for those who would influence us to live how they see fit, and also leaves us very unhappy in our lives with no clue why or what to do about it.
  • In line with this, traditions can deepen and solidify our sense of self. Now this can be tricky as many of us have had foreign traditions foisted on us by people who have their own agenda. These people may be well meaning, but they may also be completely out of sync with who you are and how you want to live. Better to study your ancestry and learn the traditions of your bloodline then embrace those that ring true for you. You may find that certain things you thought were deep seeded beliefs or traditions are in fact very recent additions to your family or culture. By going beyond the surface to long standing, ancient traditions that are many generations old , you’ll discover traditions that have real meaning to you as well as a profound and life bringing affect on your well being and happiness.
  • And make sure to practice, practice, practice. It’s so important to keep talking to yourself, keep listening, and keep learning how to discern your voice from the rest of the world. Small things like asking which flavor of ice cream to get or weather to turn left or right can do a lot to strengthen your voice and help you hear it more clearly. The more you practice the better you’ll get at hearing yourself and understanding the unique language you speak.

Finally, I want to say that you may still seek outside information as no one is born into the world knowing how to navigate human form. Just don’t take any of that information as written in stone. Take it in and consider it, but then look inward to make sure it jives with your true self. If not throw it out. You don’t need it.

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Sep 112014

We all do it. Say we want to do something, complain that we’re not doing it, resolve to do it, then still don’t quite get to it.

We’re professional procrastinators, masters of excuses, and world class self-beater-uppers.

Yet it things don’t get done.


In large part it’s about comfort/discomfort. Until we reach that critical point of discomfort, most of us simply don’t get over the inertia of the status-quo.

Then when we do reach it, we boomerang the opposite direction, going full force toward that which we kept putting off, only to snap sharply back as our bungee of comfort gets stretched too tight. Very few of us ever really break that cord, so the change we want to make feels like effort – huge effort – and it’s just too dang hard to keep up for the long term.

That’s why diets ultimately fail, exercise plans don’t last past a few weeks, and attempts at getting organized don’t quite make it past the planning or “got 1 drawer done” stage. We spend lots of money on gadgets, programs and people to help us with this stuff, as if money can magically change who we are.

But it can’t, so we end up chasing solution after solution but ultimately things don’t change. At least not unless we decide to remain diligent forever. And who wants to do that? Not me!

So what do you do if you really, truly want a different life experience than you have but you’re not really doing much about it.

The first step, which seems completely counterproductive, is to stop trying. Stop thinking about it, planning, beating yourself up for failing, and all that. Accept that you are who you are and this is how life is for you. Because right now it is. Accept it, embrace it and love it!

Crazy huh?

But do it anyway. Love it as much as you ever loved anything. Love it until you’re bursting at the seams with the pure ecstasy of procrastination and mediocrity!

Then from that platform, bursting with love, expand into something more. Expand into a bigger bubble of you. If you’re larger than you want to be, then be the fat person who loves food and expands into completely enjoying the experience of eating. Give yourself permission to eat whatever and whenever you want. Give yourself permission to enjoy life at your current size and level of energy. Get new clothes. Make yourself beautiful. LOVE who you are – as you are.

Same goes with everything else. If you’re messy then revel in that messiness. If you’re tired then spend every moment you can sleeping, if you battle with laundry then let it pile up, loving the mountains of soft clothes all around you. LOVE IT! Love it completely and without shame. Absolutely LOVE whatever it is you previously wanted to change and fully embrace the experience! I mean it. Do this until you’re absolutely thrilled with whatever it is you used to beat yourself up about.

And as you do you’ll find that you start naturally seeing and doing things differently. You may find different foods appeal to you, or you one day decide to clear out the laundry room for another project or you find your kitchen somehow got organized. It won’t seem like a struggle or that you did anything different, but yet something, somewhere will have changed and you WILL be doing something different. You’ll talk different and walk a little taller as your confidence soars. You will become interested in things that you were “supposed” to do before but never quite started. And over time you will find that the thing you used to complain and beat yourself up about has mysteriously disappeared from your life. And even if it hasn’t, it won’t matter because you’ll have made peace with it and spend your says focusing on things you actually enjoy doing.

Not because you forced change, but because you BECAME what you are now. It’s not about changing. It’s about becoming.

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