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Oct 302014


The traditional definition of this card is about hard work, struggle and responsibility. It also suggests feeling restricted or over burdened with your responsibilities and duties.

But that’s not what I get when I read this card. Maybe it’s the deck I use or my own intuition (remember to always go with your intuition for card meanings) but to me it means building, organizing and executing plans.

My first impression when looking at this card is of weaving together or building. The man’s back is to us because he’s concentrating on his work and he’s carefully inserting his wand into a structure that he’s built. He feels strong and self assured, and the purplish blocks in the background are organized and structured to form a solid, spiritual foundation and backdrop, strengthening his chances for success.

I hear words like “executing your plan,” and “walking your talk,” when I meditate on this card. It signifies that the time for planning is over and now you’re on to practical, real-world execution. You’ve made the plans, considered the options, agonized over the details and finally completed the blueprint. Now it’s time to get your hands dirty, and build the dang house, brick by brick.

In work the meaning is obvious as it’s time to get those projects done. In relationships it’s a message to do your part to build a life together based on the solid foundation you’ve already created and fostered. In the journey of self it’s time to stop reflecting and put your self-awareness and talents to work in the 3-D world.

This card is very orderly and methodical, and there’s a slowness to it, as you are carefully putting the pieces together instead of powering through quickly. The planning, measuring and cutting are complete and precise, and you’re deliberately placing the pieces together to complete the whole.   This is also work YOU do, vs having a team. You may have help but you’re at the helm, putting together what you’ve already created.

In card symbolism, wands are about work but there’s also an element of magic to them (waving the magic wand). This tells me that you’ll work hard but things will also seem to fall into place effortlessly. Of course it’s not effortless as you’ve been laying the groundwork for a while, but to the outside world it may seem like things magically get done. Numerologically, 10 symbolizes completeness, and bringing in the elements of the lesser digits to form a whole. It is made up of 1 and 0 which is a combination of leadership, singular focus and personal power along with the all encompassing and creative 0 which is nothing yet everything.


Here we see a lot of swirling chaos in the background, indicating that the plan is either faulty or hasn’t been made at all. The person is off balance and is haphazardly trying to build something with no solid structure. It’s easy to see that this won’t turn out well.

It could also mean structure being torn down and the chaos that’s surrounding it. This might mean the ending of a project, relationship, job, or business. The key is that instead of an orderly ending, there will be chaos, loose ends and a lot of dust and rubble in the process.

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Oct 272014


The Soul (or Spirit) journey is our journey through life. Not just this human life but our very existence, which transcends space and time.

Sometimes we talk about our soul journey as if it’s separate from our physical life or as if it’s something “out there” and hard to understand or reach. We may try to gain insight to our soul journey through meditation, hypnosis, spiritual therapy or counseling, healing work, or ritual. We may also attend classes, read books, listen to music, or consult others to try and find our “purpose” which we think is the reason that we’re here right now and is part of our journey.

This is all well and good and it can help us on our spiritual path but it’s not going to uncover what our soul journey really is. That’s because there is no uncovering to be done. Our journey is simple. It’s to be. And become.

Our soul is the essence of who we are and its journey is what it does. It doesn’t really care or even know about right or wrong, good or bad, if we’re successful, how we look, where we live, what we do, who our friends are or anything else but existing, experiencing, expanding and growing. Over many lifetimes in many universe it takes form, as a neutron, grain of sand, cells in an organ of some unknown alien being, stars, planets, amoebas, plants, animals, humans, and all the life contained. It’s experience as you in this moment in time ads to its completeness and makes up part of the whole.


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Oct 152014


The other day I was feeling quite unaccomplished, like my business wasn’t really going anywhere and my goals weren’t being met. I was kind of beating myself up for not being more focused, missing more than a few self-imposed deadlines, not always meeting my goals, and quite honestly… not caring too much about it.

This feeling lingered then last night I found myself idly looking through my documents when I came across an old to do list. It was from January 2013, when I was just considering how to develop an internet presence for my psychic reading business.

As I started reading through the list I realized that I’d accomplished every single thing on it, even things I’d forgotten about as my attention was drawn elsewhere.

If you’re familiar with my Law of Attraction and personal coaching then you may be thinking “of course you did,” but let me tell you as one who helps people accomplish goals every day… it’s a lot easier to fall of the wagon when it’s your own goals.

Anyway, reading this list helped me to remember everything I had accomplished, which was a lot, and I spent the next 20 minutes or so consciously appreciating how far I’ve come.

I left the exercise with a renewed sense of commitment and drive to continue building the business I love. Cool 🙂

So the next time you run across an old to-do list, take a moment to skim through it and congratulate yourself for everything you checked off. You deserve it!

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Oct 092014

Sometimes something happens that really trips my emotions and I find myself completely overwhelmed and sometimes even crying nonstop (I’m not a crier so this is rare).

And sometimes, when I look at it objectively, I can’t figure out why that one thing or person got to me so much. Kind of like watching a sad part in a movie and bawling your eyes out yet at the same time knowing it’s just a movie and not real.

Has this ever happened to you? Do you know why?

For me (barring hormones because after all I am female), examination of the facts usually reveals some connection to my past. Something is happening or someone is acting in a way that triggers me, causing an overflow of emotions out of proportion to the current situation.

Yes, I realize this all sounds a bit clinical but I’m in a clinical mood today so bear with me….

“X” happens in the past and it devastates me at the time. It really shakes my confidence, causes trust issues, and major relationship trauma. Time goes on and I may think I’m over it, or may have even forgotten it. But one day something else happens, not nearly as big a deal as that first time but enough to trigger that feeling all over again. It can be as simple as someone saying a few innocent words, the smell or taste of a certain food, a piece of music, or a scene in a movie. Or it can be more complex like a job change, move, starting a new hobby or vacationing in a certain place. Maybe not even “the” place but some place with some similarity.

Whatever it is the emotion hits hard and I’m left crying my eyes out, an emotional wreck who is almost unable to function.   Sometimes in the middle I even find myself wondering why I’m reacting this way to such a small thing. I mean I cried over cheesecake once and really… that a major traumatic event?

I used to get lost in my funk and the emotions would run away with me. Nowadays not so much. I’m much better at realizing that my tears disproportionate to the size of that slice of cheesecake and being able to turn my attention to what’s behind it. Sometimes it becomes apparent right away. Sometimes it takes a while. But ultimately I come to a memory that’s at the root of my trouble, and I can see the connection between then and now.

Insight is very powerful and this is usually enough to dry my tears.

Life really is like onions huh? Layers and layers and layers. And like onions, those layers sure can make you cry sometimes. Ya know?

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Oct 072014

Maria's Rules To Live By - Know Yourself And Stay True To Who You AreKnow yourself and stay true to who you are.

This is a hard rule to follow!

From the moment the egg and sperm that will become us meet, we receive input from the earth plane. Much of it is confusing and contradictory, and it’s difficult to separate “us” from the world’s idea of “us.”  As a result we get confused, and by the time we’re teenagers we’re often so separated from who we really are that many of us never find the way back.

But there is a way back and if you’re brave enough to take that journey you may find that true happiness and fulfillment comes from re-discovering who you are on very deep levels and living in a way that is totally in sync. wiht that identity.

So how do you do it?  In a word…


  • Dedication to starting the journey back to self.
  • Dedication to keeping going when you’re tired and hungry and lonely.
  • Dedication to paying attention and really, deeply listening.
  • Dedication to shutting out the voices of the world and ignoring it’s glitter and glamour.
  • Dedication to acting on guidance from our inner voice, even if it seems absolutely crazy.
  • Dedication to being alone and sometimes incredibly lonely.
  • Dedication to throwing out everything you think you know and being open to things that may seem terrifying and even life threatening.
  • Dedication to questioning yourself over and over and letting go of those parts that you thought were truly you but that turned out weren’t.
  • Dedication to a never ending journey.

Knowing yourself takes a lifetime and you’re never going to get it done. But that’s the cool thing about it because as you may have heard, it’s the journey, not the destination that makes life worth living. It’s the adventures we have, the people we meet, the things we do, the places we go and all the experiences of life that create happiness and fulfillment. It’s telling those stories around the campfire while realizing that you’re not done, but only pausing in the never-ending story of YOU!

Every moment of every day you have the opportunity to stop, listen and choose. Take a moment right now to stop and listen to your inner voice. What is it saying? Do you hear gibberish or is its message clear? Can you hear it at all?

You will know that you’re hitting home when life begins to flow, you experience synchronicity, and your inner guidance becomes clearer and makes more sense. Your physical body will also become more energized and healthy, and you’ll be excited about life and ready to bound forward into new adventures.

Reflect carefully before doing anything, then choose your thoughts, words and actions based on your current understanding of who you are. Delight in the results, or despair in them. Whatever the outcome, take that experience to lead you into ever deeper knowing, so next time you can make a choice from that level and have another, different experience leading you to even greater insight and knowledge of your true self.

Know yourself. Stay true to who you are. Peace.

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Oct 052014

Ever hear of a show called Dirty Jobs?  Host Mike Rowe has made a habit of going viral on the Internet by responding to fan questions, and this one on NOT following your passion is priceless.

A big part of creating a life you love is laying a solid foundation so that you can build your life how you want it to be.  That may include following your passion from the get go, but it may not.

I can’t say it any better than Mr. Rowe so here’s a link to his response to an email from a viewer, asking why he shouldn’t follow his passion:

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