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Oct 272014


The Soul (or Spirit) journey is our journey through life. Not just this human life but our very existence, which transcends space and time.

Sometimes we talk about our soul journey as if it’s separate from our physical life or as if it’s something “out there” and hard to understand or reach. We may try to gain insight to our soul journey through meditation, hypnosis, spiritual therapy or counseling, healing work, or ritual. We may also attend classes, read books, listen to music, or consult others to try and find our “purpose” which we think is the reason that we’re here right now and is part of our journey.

This is all well and good and it can help us on our spiritual path but it’s not going to uncover what our soul journey really is. That’s because there is no uncovering to be done. Our journey is simple. It’s to be. And become.

Our soul is the essence of who we are and its journey is what it does. It doesn’t really care or even know about right or wrong, good or bad, if we’re successful, how we look, where we live, what we do, who our friends are or anything else but existing, experiencing, expanding and growing. Over many lifetimes in many universe it takes form, as a neutron, grain of sand, cells in an organ of some unknown alien being, stars, planets, amoebas, plants, animals, humans, and all the life contained. It’s experience as you in this moment in time ads to its completeness and makes up part of the whole.


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