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Oct 302014


The traditional definition of this card is about hard work, struggle and responsibility. It also suggests feeling restricted or over burdened with your responsibilities and duties.

But that’s not what I get when I read this card. Maybe it’s the deck I use or my own intuition (remember to always go with your intuition for card meanings) but to me it means building, organizing and executing plans.

My first impression when looking at this card is of weaving together or building. The man’s back is to us because he’s concentrating on his work and he’s carefully inserting his wand into a structure that he’s built. He feels strong and self assured, and the purplish blocks in the background are organized and structured to form a solid, spiritual foundation and backdrop, strengthening his chances for success.

I hear words like “executing your plan,” and “walking your talk,” when I meditate on this card. It signifies that the time for planning is over and now you’re on to practical, real-world execution. You’ve made the plans, considered the options, agonized over the details and finally completed the blueprint. Now it’s time to get your hands dirty, and build the dang house, brick by brick.

In work the meaning is obvious as it’s time to get those projects done. In relationships it’s a message to do your part to build a life together based on the solid foundation you’ve already created and fostered. In the journey of self it’s time to stop reflecting and put your self-awareness and talents to work in the 3-D world.

This card is very orderly and methodical, and there’s a slowness to it, as you are carefully putting the pieces together instead of powering through quickly. The planning, measuring and cutting are complete and precise, and you’re deliberately placing the pieces together to complete the whole.   This is also work YOU do, vs having a team. You may have help but you’re at the helm, putting together what you’ve already created.

In card symbolism, wands are about work but there’s also an element of magic to them (waving the magic wand). This tells me that you’ll work hard but things will also seem to fall into place effortlessly. Of course it’s not effortless as you’ve been laying the groundwork for a while, but to the outside world it may seem like things magically get done. Numerologically, 10 symbolizes completeness, and bringing in the elements of the lesser digits to form a whole. It is made up of 1 and 0 which is a combination of leadership, singular focus and personal power along with the all encompassing and creative 0 which is nothing yet everything.


Here we see a lot of swirling chaos in the background, indicating that the plan is either faulty or hasn’t been made at all. The person is off balance and is haphazardly trying to build something with no solid structure. It’s easy to see that this won’t turn out well.

It could also mean structure being torn down and the chaos that’s surrounding it. This might mean the ending of a project, relationship, job, or business. The key is that instead of an orderly ending, there will be chaos, loose ends and a lot of dust and rubble in the process.

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