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Oct 152014


The other day I was feeling quite unaccomplished, like my business wasn’t really going anywhere and my goals weren’t being met. I was kind of beating myself up for not being more focused, missing more than a few self-imposed deadlines, not always meeting my goals, and quite honestly… not caring too much about it.

This feeling lingered then last night I found myself idly looking through my documents when I came across an old to do list. It was from January 2013, when I was just considering how to develop an internet presence for my psychic reading business.

As I started reading through the list I realized that I’d accomplished every single thing on it, even things I’d forgotten about as my attention was drawn elsewhere.

If you’re familiar with my Law of Attraction and personal coaching then you may be thinking “of course you did,” but let me tell you as one who helps people accomplish goals every day… it’s a lot easier to fall of the wagon when it’s your own goals.

Anyway, reading this list helped me to remember everything I had accomplished, which was a lot, and I spent the next 20 minutes or so consciously appreciating how far I’ve come.

I left the exercise with a renewed sense of commitment and drive to continue building the business I love. Cool 🙂

So the next time you run across an old to-do list, take a moment to skim through it and congratulate yourself for everything you checked off. You deserve it!

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