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Nov 182014

Glossary-MediumA Medium is someone who can communicate with people who are not on the physical plane.  To quote The Sixth Sense, they “talk to dead people.”

People seek the services of a medium to contact loved ones who have passed on, and can receive messages of love and support, answers to questions and other information.  This can be very comforting and extremely helpful in dealing with grief.

Here are some things to remember when seeking the services of a medium:

  • Mediums communicate in different ways.  Many receive internal messages and sensations which they pass along to you.  Some go into a trance, allowing the departed to speak through them.  Some may also communicate through automatic writing, flame readings, drawing and art, physical mediumship and seances  though these things aren’t as common.  When I do mediumship work it is usually through a meditative trance, in which messages come through and I relay them to the client verbally.
  • Some messages are very direct and others are symbolic.  There are times names, dates and specific information comes through loud and clear.  Often however the messages are more symbolic and subtle and require interpretation.  This is because communication happens differently on the other side, and the longer someone is over there the harder it can be to communicate clearly to the earth plane.
  • There is no guarantee a specific person will be reached.  You can go in asking to talk to Uncle Jim but he may be busy or simply not want to communicate at the moment.  Others who have messages for you may communicate instead, and in rare cases no one may communicate.  It’s important in a mediumship reading to keep an open mind and be willing to receive messages no matter who they come from.
  • Often people cannot communicate right after they’ve passed on.  There is a period of time right after someone passes that they are adjusting to life on the other side and to communicate to us here on earth is confusing and more than they can handle at the moment.  In these cases someone else often comes through to let you know that they can’t communicate yet, but to try later.
  • There are all different personality types and moods on the other side.  Not everyone is all love and light and not everyone is happy.  If someone was a crank on earth they may very well be a crank over there too.
  • The other side isn’t a static place where everlasting bliss is the order of the day.  There’s a lot going on there and sometimes people are busy, so don’t be surprised if they don’t have a lot of time to chat.  Usually they’re very accommodating and offer reassurance and communication, but they can be impatient and want to get back to their work.
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Nov 072014

Today, for a moment, I succumbed to the lie of “supermodel beauty.”  I was flipping through a holiday magazine and all the women were so pretty and the outfits they wore were so flattering on them.

For a moment – just a brief moment – I fell into the “I’ll never look that good” blues.

Yes, I know those models are less than half my age, have probably never had children, spend their days eating nothing but celery, take all sorts of supplements and pills I’ve never heard of and are air brushed to the point that I probably wouldn’t recognize them if I saw them on the street.

Yes I know it’s all glitter, make-up, and photoshop.

But for that brief moment it didn’t matter.  For that brief moment I forgot what an amazing and beautiful woman I am and compared myself to a fake, and impossible picture.

Why do we as women do this?  Even the most secure and fulfilled of us have those moments, no matter how brief where we feel not good enough.  Not pretty enough or thin or fit or smart or successful or whatever.

We are awesome!  We rock this world!

Yet the false perfection of the media still casts doubt in our minds, just a little.

So after shredding the magazine (yes, I had a glint in my eye as I did it), I looked in the mirror, smiled and said to myself “you ain’t got nothing on me Barbie!”

Oh yeah…. I can take on the world again!

You with me?

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Nov 042014

We are all works in progress. We are always evolving, never finished, and constantly changing.

So the next time you think

When I lose XX pounds…

When I retire….

When I save $$$ money…

When the kids are grown…

When I’m out of school…

When I get a new job…

When I get that facelift…

When I get married…

When I get divorced…

When my parents are gone (sad but I know many caretakers who feel this way because of the incredible burden of caring for aging parents)…

When I get a new house, or car, or computer, or whatever…

When I find the man/woman of my dreams…

Remember that these accomplishments, no matter how huge, are still just a single moment in the eternity of YOUR LIFE!

Because after the weight loss or kids growing up or new house or car, or that someone coming into or leaving your life…. After all that there will be another “When I…..” lurking around the corner.

So stop saying when! Know that you’ll never get it done and just start doing it today, right now, exactly as you are.

Do it at this weight, this address, with kids in tow, in this job, in this city, with this relationship. Or all by yourself.

Stop saying “when I” and start talking in present and even past tense.

Today I….. Yesterday I. Last week/month/year I….

And soon you’ll find you have so many amazing experiences and happy memories that you won’t even remember then “when I” that used to make you put things off.

Try it 🙂

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