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Nov 072014

Today, for a moment, I succumbed to the lie of “supermodel beauty.”  I was flipping through a holiday magazine and all the women were so pretty and the outfits they wore were so flattering on them.

For a moment – just a brief moment – I fell into the “I’ll never look that good” blues.

Yes, I know those models are less than half my age, have probably never had children, spend their days eating nothing but celery, take all sorts of supplements and pills I’ve never heard of and are air brushed to the point that I probably wouldn’t recognize them if I saw them on the street.

Yes I know it’s all glitter, make-up, and photoshop.

But for that brief moment it didn’t matter.  For that brief moment I forgot what an amazing and beautiful woman I am and compared myself to a fake, and impossible picture.

Why do we as women do this?  Even the most secure and fulfilled of us have those moments, no matter how brief where we feel not good enough.  Not pretty enough or thin or fit or smart or successful or whatever.

We are awesome!  We rock this world!

Yet the false perfection of the media still casts doubt in our minds, just a little.

So after shredding the magazine (yes, I had a glint in my eye as I did it), I looked in the mirror, smiled and said to myself “you ain’t got nothing on me Barbie!”

Oh yeah…. I can take on the world again!

You with me?

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