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Ahhh the reality vs. illusion debate.  Recently I found myself in a discussion about weather life is real or an illusion. The argument was that it’s all just illusion anyway so why worry about any of it? Better to live life in the present, stay in the flow and simply allow. Yeah, that’s the ticket to living a happy, abundant, fulfilled life. Right?


Yes, on some higher plane it may be an illusion but so what? We’re on THIS plane, experiencing this life and to sit there and tell someone who is having a really hard time of it to just “relax and allow” is not only uncaring and irresponsible but doesn’t do a damn thing to improve their experience in the here and now.

What people need is something real, something practical that has a concrete, positive impact on what they’re dealing with today. Not tomorrow, next week, or eventually. But right now, when they’re in the thick of things and nothing is working, the Universe isn’t delivering and life just plain sucks.

And that, in truth, is the life a lot of people face every single day.

They need to feel heard, understood and cared for as they live (and sometimes suffer) the things in their own lives. Yes, eventually we get to “relax and allow” but everyone needs to go there at their own pace and in a way that makes sense to them.

See here’s the thing. Most of us are out of the flow in many areas of our lives. Not only that but we have no idea how to get in the flow, what the flow even looks like or what direction it is even in. And often, because it is so far out of our experience and ability to perceive it, it appears as a terrifying, raging river instead of a soothing, gentle stream. It literally feels like jumping to our death and I can’t think of many people who want to do that.

On the other hand, everyone has areas of their life that they already see the illusion and they are able to relax and allow, and these areas of life are working for them. As a coach, part of the job is to gently guide them to recognize these areas and help them apply it to the parts of their lives that aren’t working this way.

Now I’m not going to lie or try to fluff it up here.

This can be very hard work! The forces keeping us out of the flow are powerful and almost entirely subconscious and there are many layers to get through in order to break free of the things that are making us miserable. Illusion or not the consequences in our everyday lives are very real and can be extremely painful and it takes courage, work, persistence and usually time to get through them. There are breakthroughs and those are amazing as large chunks of the illusion fall away, but often it feels like a never ending journey into frustration and despair.

You CAN do it though and bit by bit you can mold your life into that fantasy you’ve been dreaming about.  In other words… you can turn the illusion into your reality 🙂

There are many great resources to help you, and of course I’m here too if you need me.  It’s a personal and very intimate journey so don’t get discouraged if it takes a while to find your unique path.  Keep at it, celebrate your victories no matter how small) and you’ll get there.  I know you can do it!

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