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In Tarot, as in life, queens represent divine feminine energy. A queen is a ruler of her Queendom and as such she is at the top of her world. Being a queen also implies subjects and domains, which means responsibility and leadership.

When I look at the queen of wands I see a mother, nurturer, business woman and friend. I see someone who is calm and organized and leads with gentleness and compassion. As a mother this queen is very cool, her house is lots of fun to be at, and she raises her children to be independent and well adjusted adults. As a business woman she is organized and fair, and a delight to work for. There’s no drama with this queen, but she does expect you to live up to her expectations. If you don’t she can seem harsh and unforgiving, but it’s for the good of the business and all the people who work in it. As a lover she’s practical so on the surface she may not seem romantic, but underneath she is. She’s a capable woman in her own right so she brings equality to the partnership, she needs and expects a strong partner to be her equal, and she knows what she wants and how to get it in the bedroom as well as the boardroom.

She’s also very loyal, but if you betray her then you’ll pay dearly because she expects loyalty in return. She takes relationships seriously and is a good life partner, but not wild and full of drama. So if you want a party animal she’s not for you, but if you want a strong, loving, nurturing, lasting relationship then she’s your gal.

Reversed this queen can turn conniving and manipulative, which pushes people away. She can go off the deep end, acting like a crazy bitch and making your life hell on earth. She can also be controlling, but it generally blows up in her face.

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