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Looking for a Personal Coach, Mentor or Spiritual Guide?
There are lots of people out there who hang out their shingle as a life or personal coach.  Some are quite talented, while others have very little training or experience. Why take a chance?

You need solid, practical guidance – not pie-in-the-sky fantasies

We are non-physical beings having a human experience, and while in this physical plane we need to be able to apply principals from both worlds to our every-day, physical reality. You need someone who understands this connection and is skilled at understanding and interpreting these messages.

Someone who can bridge gap between the non-physical and 3-D worlds to offer concrete solutions

With decades of study and experience in metaphysics and the non-physical as well as being solidly grounded in the physical worlds of business, personal development, and practical living, I can help you connect with your higher self, soul purpose, and destiny to get the answers you seek.  I’m also a trained and certified Life Coach as well as a Law of Attraction expert and Professional Listener and have been practicing professionally for many years.

Let me help you create and live the life you want and deserve!

I am available as your guide, mentor and personal coach with any or all of the following:

  • Intuitive guidance and support
  • Helping you understand the non-physical and spiritual side of things
  • Spiritual growth mentor & guide
  • Life and personal coaching
  • Personal mentoring
  • Professional listening – vent your frustrations in a safe and supportive environment
  • Emergency help during freak-out moments
  • Relationship coaching
  • Making and getting through major life changes
  • Planning for major events and being there as your support all through them
  • Career and professional development coaching
  • Business coaching – start or grow your business
  • Catalyst and guide for change and transformation
  • Helping you identify and release blocks
  • Support through trauma or emotional upheaval
  • Grief Coaching

Availability: I’m available for Phone, Skype, Chat & Email sessions everywhere in the world and in person in the Cincinnati, Ohio area or wherever I happen to be traveling at the time.

Cost: All sessions are $25 for a 15 minutes, $40 for 30 minutes, and $75 for an hour.

How to Schedule: Use the contact form at the right, email me, or call 513-620-4080 and we’ll set it up.  What could be easier?

Types of Sessions

Phone: It’s exactly what it sounds like… a session on the phone. I can call anyone in the US – outside the US you may want to choose Skype instead unless you have a phone plan that includes US minutes. No sense paying extra if we don’t have to :)

Skype: A great alternative to a phone session, Skype lets us connect from anywhere in the world. We can do a video session or if you’re a little shy then audio only is fine (works just like a phone call). With Skype we can also integrate chat which is useful for sharing links, documents and other information instantaneously (instead of using email).  We can also do chat only sessions which is a live conversation via typing in the chat box. You’ll get to pick which option you prefer when you schedule.

Chat: I do chat sessions via Skype but I wanted to mention them separately because some people simply don’t want to talk, but prefer the anonymity of a chat box instead. Chat sessions are also great for follow ups or when we’re exchanging information via links or document attachments.

In Person: 30 or 60 minute In person sessions are available by appointment at my Cincinnati, Ohio office. I share my office with other people so the farther in advance you can schedule the easier it is to get your requested time slot.