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Tarot-MirrorHere are answers to some of the questions I receive most frequently.  Feel free to ask others using the contact form at the right.

Do you love what you do? OMG Yes!  I absolutely LOVE helping people and have been doing it in one form or another my entire life.  In addition to my psychic work, I’m also a professional listener, and I regularly spend time holding sacred space for people to vent and release their problems in a safe, compassionate environment.  Adding the psychic/intuitive component during a reading simply allows me to help at a deeper level,  offering guidance and solutions that may not be apparent to our physical senses.

How are you different than those sites that advertise “live psychics” and so many “free minutes?” I don’t like to knock anyone else’s business but my experience with those sites is that they’re overpriced and there is no guarantee of the quality of service you’ll receive.  I’ve known people who worked for those sites and actually looked into it myself but then realized I didn’t want to be affiliated with those types of businesses.  Why?  Here are a few reasons:

  • There is no guarantee that the person you’re talking to has any psychic training or ability.  Some of those sites “test” potential psychics, but I can tell you first hand they accept virtually anyone.
  • The people you’re talking to get about half of what you pay them, and on the sites that advertise so many free minutes, they get nothing if you don’t stay for a paid reading.  While free is nice for you, they don’t have much incentive to try and give a quality reading until the paid clock starts ticking.  Also this attracts lower quality readers who are desperate for clients and cash and may tell you what you want to hear.
  • These sites train their people to “keep you on the hook” as long as possible, generating more cash for them.  They become highly skilled in saying just the right things to keep you going, and I’ve known people who have run up hundreds and even thousands of dollars in charges without even realizing it.
  • There are a lot of frauds out there.  For instance I knew someone who’d go online and get a free Tarot reading from a website, then simply read off the result to their paying customer.  Sure they’d throw in a few personalized things but really… that’s completely dishonest and unethical.

Can you read my mind? Lol, no!  Well, kind of but not word for word and I’m not going to guess your deepest, darkest secrets.  Nor would I want to.  I connect with you on an energetic and spiritual level, reading patterns and energy and weaving stories through that connection.  Yes, the stories are very accurate and often have a lot of detail but I do not literally reach into your head and extract data.

Do you walk down the street “eavesdropping” on people’s thoughts? Truly when I began to develop my abilities that happened a lot.  I’d be walking down the street or sitting at a restaurant and be able to sense all sorts of things from the people around me.  Rather than being the mark of a highly developed psychic, this is actually more a sign of psychic immaturity.  Like with any other skill, you have to learn to turn it on and off.  Partly because it’s not polite to eavesdrop but more importantly because if you’re always on you’ll overwhelm yourself with the burdens of others and eventually burn yourself out.

What Tarot deck(s) do you use? I use several different decks but my favorite, and the one I use most often, is the Revelations Tarot.  If you’re thinking about getting a deck for yourself, it’s important to find one that fits your personality and energy because then it will be easier for you to read.  One of the services I offer if you’re in town is to go on a shopping trip to a local metaphysical store to help you pick out the perfect deck for you.

On Mediumship, is it scary talking to dead people? Not at all.  If the person wasn’t scary when they were alive why would they be scary now.  Even the first time I saw a spirit, I wasn’t scared but more fascinated.  Dead people have annoyed me sometimes though when they’ve hidden my stuff or played tricks on me 🙂

Do you really believe everyone’s psychic? YES! We all have the ability to connect with the non-physical. For instance, virtually everyone has had the experience of thinking of someone and having them contact you soon after, hearing the phone ring and knowing who it is before you answer, and other similar things. I call these psychic blips, and they are proof that these abilities lie latent in all of us. The difference professional psychics and lay people is that we have studied, practiced and honed our skills to expert levels. It is no different than any skilled profession and I think if you think about your own work you’ll be able to see a parallel.