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Free Tarot Reading from Psychic Maria

A lot of people ask me for free readings, and while I’d love to accommodate everyone there are only so many hours in a day, plus I have things like rent and utilities to pay and unfortunately, my landlord doesn’t accept free readings as payment 🙂

This is my full time profession and I truly try to help as many people as possible, but I have to live on this planet like you do and that means I need to make enough money to get by.

And even though I keep my prices very reasonable (way lower than the going rate in my area), I know there are people who truly can’t afford a paid reading so I’m committed to offering a limited amount of free readings every month.

So before applying for a free reading, I ask you to consider booking a very reasonably priced reading using the New Client Discount link at the right. But if you are truly in need, I’m happy to provide 3 different ways to receive a Free Tarot Reading:

1. Subscribe to the newsletter.  I send something out a couple times a month and at the beginning of each month I draw some names for a FREE 30 minute Phone or Skype reading.  This is not a mini reading but a FULL Service Tarot Reading complete with several spreads and full use of my psychic and intuitive abilities to get you the information you need.  Also, I don’t share your name with anyone else so you can be assured you won’t be spammed with all sorts of offers you don’t want.

2. Participate in events where I’m offering free readings.  These are announced on Facebook and in my newsletter.  Sometimes they’re in person at local venues, but most often they’re specific times when I’m available for chat on Skype or a similar service and you’re free to post questions as you desire.  Because I’m often chatting with several people at once, I can’t give the same depth of service as I can with a full, one-on-one reading, but they’re still a great way to get basic questions answered.

3. Ask a question via the form below.  I am happy to answer ONE question for free, using a 1-2 card draw from the Tarot deck.  When using this form you agree to be added to the mailing list, and also to provide feedback I can use publicly later.  Also, because I have limited time, this service is limited to ONE question per person per month.

Ask your question here (all fields are required):
(Note: If we decide to use your feedback we'll contact you first to make sure you are listed in a way that your privacy is protected).

Ask your question here. Please ask only ONE question and keep it short and to the point. I will answer one question per person per month free using a 1-2 card draw. I try very hard to get back to you within 24 hours but sometimes I'm super busy so it make take a few days.