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Tarot3In addition to readings and coaching I also have other services available to help you on your journey through life.  Cost and availability varies so call me or use the contact form at the right to request details if you’re interested.

Classes and Instruction: I have taught many people how to read Tarot Cards, do numerology, use pendulums, meditate, use Reiki and other healing modalities, align and balance the Chakras,  connect psychically and telepathically, and use many other tools and methods.  I work with people on a one on one basis plus I can conduct classes in your home or office. This is also a great alternative to traditional psychic parties, as everyone gets to have fun and learn something new together.

Shopping: Picking out the perfect divination tools for you is a very personal experience, and it can be overwhelming and confusing at times.  If you’re in the Cincinnati area, I can go with you to help you decide which Tarot deck and other divination tools to purchase, and then help you learn to use them (see classes above).

Channeled Sessions with Dotheo: I’ve been Channeling a group of non-physical entities called Dotheo for about 4 years now, and they have agreed to offer individual sessions with my clients.  To schedule a session simply order a reading of either 30 or 60 minutes and  put “Dotheo” in the message box.  I have to be in a special meditative state in order to channel Dotheo so these readings are only available via phone or Skype (voice), and I need at least 30 minutes to give a quality session.  For more information on who Dotheo is and the messages they share visit

Numerology Readings: Did you know the day you were born reveals an entire story about you?  This is different than astrology where we look at all the planets and such.  Numerology is strictly based on your date of birth or name and what it reveals is fascinating.  I sometimes include a brief numerology overview in a reading but if you want an in-depth look at what the numbers say about you, your significant other, your business, where you live, then I can do a detailed numerology report and reading.

Mediumship: Yes, I talk to dead people.  Not all the time as sometimes they don’t want to talk to me but you can request a Mediumship reading and we’ll see where it goes.  To schedule simply order any reading and put “Mediumship” in the message box so I know to prepare a little differently.  Note – If for some reason I can’t connect I’ll give you a full refund or you can apply the fee toward another service.