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Tarot2When I work with clients I use a combination of intuition, Tarot Cards and other tools to hone in on their specific situation and get a clear picture and guidance for each individual.  Every reading is different so I never say I’m going to use cards, pendulums, numerology or a specific tool.  Instead I allow my intuition to guide the reading, giving each client a unique experience.  Repeat clients will find that it even varies from reading to reading, so we may use cards one time then delve into numerology the next.  I can promise that with each reading you will gain insight and come away with a deeper understanding of that which you seek answers for.

Availability: I’m available for Phone, Skype, Chat & Email readings everywhere in the world and in person in the Cincinnati, Ohio area or wherever I happen to be traveling at the time.  I get EXACTLY the same information whether we’re on the phone or sitting face to face so don’t let distance deter you.

Cost: All readings are $25 for a 15 minutes, $40 for 30 minutes, and $75 for an hour.  The only exception is email readings, which are detailed below.

How to Schedule: Use the contact form at the right, email me, or call 513-620-4080 and we’ll set it up.  What could be easier?

Types of Readings

Phone: It’s exactly what it sounds like… a reading on the phone.  I can call anyone in the US – outside the US you may want to choose Skype instead unless you have a phone plan that includes US minutes.  No sense paying extra if we don’t have to :)

Skype: A great alternative to a phone reading, Skype lets us connect from anywhere in the world.  We can do a video reading or if you’re a little shy then audio only is fine (works just like a phone call).  We can also do chat only sessions which is a live conversation via typing in the chat box.  You’ll get to pick which option you prefer when you schedule.

Chat: I do chat readings via Skype but I wanted to mention them separately because some people simply don’t want to talk, but prefer the anonymity of a chat box instead.  No worries… you’ll still get the same great info but simply without a video or voice connection.

In Person: 30 or 60 minute In person readings are available by appointment at my Cincinnati, Ohio office.  I share my office with other people so the farther in advance you can schedule the easier it is to get your requested time slot.

Email: Email readings are great if you just have a couple questions or don’t have time to schedule a live session.  They’re not as comprehensive as live readings though, so they’re best geared toward 1-3 related questions.  Submit the question(s) with your order and I’ll have your answers back within a day or so.
Cost: $15 for 1 question, $25 for 2 or $35 for 3.  If you have more than 3 you’re better off getting a live reading as we can get into a lot more detail.
How to order: To order simply click here click here and you’ll be directed to the secure checkout page in my Square Marketplace.  Choose the number of questions you want answered, then write your  question(s) in the “note to the seller” box that appears in your shopping cart.  Once your order is complete your questions will be forwarded to me automatically and I’ll get back to you soon with your answers.