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In my work I often blend psychic and intuitive readings with manifesting and deliberate creation. Why? Because while people say they want to know “their future,” what they really want is to learn how to influence that future to their idea of how things “should be.”

While this is certainly possible, there’s also a problem with this type of thinking. When you insist on creating the world according to your plan, you severely limit your possibilities. It’s like having 200 TV channels and only ever watching 5, then complaining that there’s nothing on!

See here’s the thing. You know what you know and see the world through that lens, making decisions and taking action based on those parameters. But outside of that there are entire universes that you know nothing about, many of which are far more exciting and “exactly what you want” than where you sit today. When you allow yourself to be open to these new experiences and ways of being, your life expands exponentially, possibilities you never dreamed of pop out of nowhere, and you’ll see solutions you never would have thought of otherwise.

This is incredibly exciting news, as it means you don’t have to remain stuck where you are. It’s also incredibly terrifying, as new possibilities can open up on the nightmare side of your dreams instead of the happily ever after side. You know?

And it’s the fear of the nightmare that keeps people stuck in their own little, mediocre, limited bubble of reality. “It ‘might’ be 1000 times worse out there than it is in here, so I’ll stay here even though I’m miserable.” I hear this time and time again, whether I’m doing a psychic reading and the cards urge someone to change or take a different direction or if I’m in the middle of a coaching session with someone and we hit huge blocks that bring up their deepest fears.

But guess what. It could also be 1000 times better. Or a million times! And if that’s the case (which it often is) just think of what you’re missing out on!

So the next time you catch yourself saying something “should be” a certain way or trying to force a certain outcome, stop yourself. Stop yourself and consider what else might be out there that you haven’t even imagined yet. Put out your request without trying to orchestrate the entire scenario or micro-manage every little step and sit back to watch how things unfold on their own. My bet is you’ll be both delighted and surprised at the exciting twists and turns life takes to land you…

exactly where you want to be šŸ™‚

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