Psychic Maria talks about Tarot Cards - Ace of Swords

I love Aces! They speak to me of personal power, taking charge, and starting new and exciting adventures. Ace is the number ONE which is about what you can do yourself vs with a partner or group. In numerology one is the number of leadership, singularity, and originality. So it’s all about YOU.

Swords are about using the mental and logical side of your brain, bringing out your warrior self, and using force if necessary to forge your way through the world. This isn’t always a bad thing by the way. Sometimes you have to stand up and take charge, slicing through the bs and literally cutting down your opponents. And the Ace of Swords shouts loud and clear that you are ready to do just that, conquering whatever is blocking your path to stand victorious as king (or queen) of your world.

This card also indicates clarity of mind, meaning that things you weren’t sure of will become clear and it’s time to get off the fence, make a few command decisions and then act on them swiftly and with conviction. It may even seem like you’re barking orders at yourself and others, and that comes from the sword’s no-nonsense approach to getting things done. No time for discussion or being wishy-washy. Just get it done.

When this card is drawn, it indicates an excellent time to take on new projects, ask for (or demand) a promotion, start a business, or take charge of a situation. It also means that what was muddy in your head is now clear and you can confidently make decisions and take action to carry them out.

If reversed (upside down), this card means something or someone is inhibiting your power or holding you back. It can be an outside force or your own limitations, but either way it means you have a bit more work to do before charging forward.

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