Tarot - Seven of Pentacles

Ah the seven of pentacles – a card of stubbornness, spiritual disconnection and sometimes even self-righteous, fist shaking, pulpit evangelism. Doesn’t sound like fun huh?

This card tells me a story of someone who is stubborn, closed off and not open to new ideas. In numerology 7 is the number of the spiritual side of things, so I often take this as not being open to guidance. Furthermore, pentacles are about money, practical living and the material world so it also indicates someone who is so set in their viewpoint that they can’t see things any other way, sometimes to their detriment.

Tarot Seven of Pentacles from two different decksIn the Revelations Tarot Deck, the 7 of Pentacles is depicted as someone who has his hands crossed, sitting back with a pompous, I’m better than everyone, expression. In Rider Waite we see a man leaning on his hoe, looking at a garden where pentacles (material wealth) are growing nicely. If you look closely you can see he’s not smiling, but looking rather despondent or even bored. To me this represents someone who doesn’t appreciate the results of his hard work, or possibly someone who doesn’t want to work hard to get results like those in front of him.

Flip the card upside down, and we see a man who’s shaking his fist and appears to be yelling. Picture someone on a soap box – loud, obnoxious, and hell bent on telling you (and everyone) how it is! In a spread it can be a warning to stay away from someone acting like this, but it can also be telling you to get off your high horse. However, I’ve also seen it mean that you need to stand your ground and make yourself heard, so it really depends on the other cards. Rider Waite doesn’t have a different picture on the reverse like Revelations does so when you flip that card over you see the same man, standing on his head as he looks at a garden. The feeling here is that things are difficult and you’re dragging yourself inch by inch to try and get through. Your goals may feel just out of your reach and the message here is to not fall into a depression or feeling of hopelessness, but to get out of your own head and allow answers to materialize. As you relax and get back in the flow (get yourself right side up again) things will begin to clear up and the hassles will come to an end.

What do you see in the Seven of Pentacles? Let the card speak to you and feel free to add your own insights in the comments below.

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