A few weeks ago I posted an article called Do what you love? Yeah, Right and I got a bit of backlash from the Law of Attraction crowd. As a long time LOA coach and someone well versed in the art of deliberate creation, you’d think that I’d put a more sunny spin on the whole “do what you love thing.”

I don’t because it’s not reality for many people. I stand by what I said about finding something you enjoy well enough, that pays the bills, and gives you the flexibility to pursue those things you really love, but that you have no intention making a career out of.

I also stand by saying that there are things that you might love but if they turned into a money thing you’d grow to hate them. I have a friend who’s an excellent healer and who doesn’t charge (other than donations) because she says she tried charging and it killed the joy of her work and turned into “just a job.”

So yeah…. what we do for work isn’t always what we do for the joy of doing it and vice-versa.

Having said that, you CAN create a life you love doing things you enjoy doing. It often just has to happen incrementally. And that’s the secret.

See we put these requests out to the Universe and we have this idea that they’re going to magically appear in full form, ready to go. Sometimes that happens and then we get to do a great big happy dance! But more often, things come to us in tiny bits and pieces over time.

There’s nothing wrong with that. Our ability to create quickly and easily is a skill that develops as we work with it so it makes sense that things will take time, especially if we’re new to it.  Additionally, some things are just so huge that we have invisible blocks that keep us from getting there.  By delivering our orders incrementally, the Universe is helping us get past those blocks in a way that we can handle.

Otherwise, we may get overloaded or freak out and actually reject the thing we want.


So how does this incremental manifesting work?  How about an example…

Wedding-bouquetLet’s say you absolutely LOVE flowers and want to have an amazing business providing custom bouquets and flower arrangements for celebrity weddings.  Unfortunately, you live in the middle of Iowa and the biggest celebrity you know is Bessie the prize winning cow… so yeah, your dream may take a few steps to come into full reality.

During those steps you may grow a flower garden, experiment with developing your own specialty flowers, work for the town florist, make flower arrangements for free for your friends’ weddings, make Bessie a bouquet for winning the blue ribbon at the county fair (which she promptly eats), enter floral contests, submit dozens of articles to publications, teach classes on how to make flower arrangements, then finally open your own shop and spend your days making boring rose bouquets for Valentine’s day and mundane arrangements for weddings and other events, and maybe have a gig providing live fresh flowers for a local restaurant.

Which all seems to lead nowhere until one day the Mayor has a special event for which that restaurant asks you to make something fancy….

…And this leads to you finally getting your big break as the Mayor loves your fancy restaurant centerpiece and hires you to do the floral arrangements for her daughter’s wedding, which gets you a blurb and photo in the local paper, which is seen by the best friend of a cousin of a semi-known celebrity who calls you to have you make a special arrangement for that cousin, which is then seen by the semi-known celebrity who loves it and orders one for her friend who is a caterer to the stars who loves it so much that she calls and Bam! You get your big break! Finally! And all this only took 15 years 😀

Sooo……………….. did you end up doing what you love AND getting paid for it? YES! Did it happen quickly and effortlessly? No. There were probably tears and frustration when things didn’t work out and many days when you thought if you had to make one more stupid rose bouquet you’d scream and days when you thought your big break was coming but you somehow missed it. There were also days like around Valentine’s day when you worked non-stop getting those orders completed and out the door in time and came home exhausted and aching so badly that you seriously doubted whether your dream was ever going to come true and if you were even in the right business after all.

But you got there. And that’s a huge Law of Attraction secret people don’t like to talk about. There are no promises of “easy and fast manifestations.”

The only promise is that the more we focus on what we want and keep our dreams in view, the more likely they are to manifest.  Not “guaranteed.”  More likely.  This is why I advise people to create a life that has a good mix of what you love doing and what you do for work, and as time and opportunity arises you can blend love and work more, keep pursuing your dreams, and bit by bit get closer to spending ever bigger percentages of your days doing what you love.

You may never get to 100% but if you keeping making incremental steps in that direction I can promise you’ll end life a whole lot happier than you would have if you’d just given up completely and settled for doing what you despise just to survive.

It’s incremental… what’s your first step?

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