The first time I saw this card I saw a hippie bishop going “peace to the world!”

The Hierophant is the wise man of the deck. He is quiet and unassuming, but when he has something to say he holds up his hand to quiet the room and then speaks his words of wisdom. He is also very honest and full of integrity and calls you to take the high road, taking action based on your own moral code and values.

His bishop-like appearance speaks of structure and tradition, and he generally advises to take a conservative and safe route to your goals. The background is many shades of purple which portrays a strong connection to the spiritual realm. In front of him are two keys, crossed with the symbol of Taurus, the bull. The keys tell us that he holds keys, or secrets that can help us be successful in the material world (Taurus is represents earth and the physical). He raises three fingers (two fingers and a thumb) and his staff has three cross bars, both symbols of creative expression. This is a gentle reminder to open our hearts to imagination and creativity and allow wisdom to flow through us. He also reminds us to chill out and let peace prevail.

Reversed this card indicates someone who is turning away from traditional wisdom or not listening to good advice. He looks toward the future while discarding the past and therefore ignores the lessons he could learn from it. The gold color indicates that he is chasing material gain and wealth at the expense of his spiritual life.

Depending on the reading though, it could also be a message to get advice from someone wiser or smarter than you in a certain area. So it’s really important to read the card in context.

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